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Cloud Dataflow Python

Announcing general availability of Google Cloud Dataflow for Python

Articles, Tutorials

BigQuery Compute Engine Machine Learning

Analyzing data with BigQuery and Machine Learning APIs (Forecast the Dutch elections based on social media presence) - Getting data from Twitter, using Translate API to translate from Dutch to English so that Natural Language API can be used. All with Javascript


Reliable releases and rollbacks - CRE life lessons - Life lessons from SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) when new release is deployed but something goes wrong

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: Managed PostgreSQL for your mobile and geospatial applications in Google Cloud - By bringing PostgreSQL to Google Cloud Platform lot of opportunities like using PostGIS for Geospatial data openness


Crash exploitability analysis on Google Cloud Platform: security in plaintext


Audit Logging on GCP - There are few options how to look into Audit logs on GCP. This article explains which are those and how to access them

Cloud Endpoints PubSub

Securing Cloud PubSub Push with Cloud Endpoints - Example how to use Cloud Endpoints to verify API key from Pub/Sub (without writing code)


Planet Scale Microservices with Cluster Federation and Global Load Balancing on Kubernetes and Google Cloud — Part 1 - Tutorial about how to set up Cluster federation (managing multiple clusters) and Federated Ingress (having single load balanceer with a single global IP address that which dynamically send traffic to the nearest cluster automaticaly) with Kubernetes on Google Container Engine

App Engine Cloud Datastore Python

Are you the Keymaster? - In depth article about Keys in Google Cloud Datastore


Getting Started with Google Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) - Identity-Aware Proxy is service that restricts access to applications deployed on GCP. In this article short quick step by step intro is described

App Engine

Phalcon Support In Google App Engine - Falcon is PHP framework which is possible to use on GAE Flex

Compute Engine

Running Jupyter notebooks on GPU on Google Cloud - Step by step tutorial of how to set up Compute VM with GPUs and use it in Jupyter notebook

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Using cross-project GCR images in GKE - How to set secrets so that build images can be pulled from different cloud projects

Big Data Cloud Dataflow

Google Cloud Dataflow In the Smart Home Data Pipeline - Handling data from Nest devices via Google Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataproc Cloud Datastore

Example to Integrate Spark Streaming with Google Cloud at Scale - Github repository which contains example to integrate Spark Streaming with Google Cloud products. The streaming application pulls messages from Google Pub/Sub directly without Kafka, using custom receivers. When the streaming application is running, it can get entities from Google Datastore and put ones to Datastore.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud Functions

Triggering Dataflow pipelines with Cloud Functions - Triggering Dataflow job based on changes in Storage bucket with the help of Cloud functions

Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Platform for Data Scientists: Using R with Google Cloud SQL for MySQL - Using data from Cloud SQL for R analysis


Big Data, BigQuery and a story of bikes - Analyzing bike rides via BigQuery

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast #69 - The CEO and founder of Server Density, David Mytton, joins the podcast today to tell your co-hosts Mark and Francesc about their experience migrating from on-premise MongoDB to Cloud Bigtable.

GCP Exam Review Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Platform Online Meetup #8 - Machine Learning - Where, When and What to use for ML?

Introducton to Convolutional Nerural Network with TensorFlow


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