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CI Google Kubernetes Engine

Introducing the Jenkins GKE Plugin—deploy software to your Kubernetes clusters - Jenkins Google Kubernetes Engine Plugin provides a build step that streamlines deploying workloads to GKE clusters across GCP projects.

Cloud Dataproc

Introducing advanced security options for Cloud Dataproc, now generally available - With Kerberos and Hadoop secure mode, you can migrate your existing Hadoop security controls directly into the cloud without having to make changes to your security policies and procedures.

Articles, Tutorials

Kubernetes Official Blog

To run or not to run a database on Kubernetes: What to consider - Some tips and tricks when you want to run a database on Kubernetes.

Beginner Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Tutorial

How to Deploy to a Kubernetes Cluster on Google Cloud - Step by step Kubernetes cluster set up and deployment.

Google Kubernetes Engine IAM Security

The ultimate Security Guide to RBAC on Google Kubernetes Engine - Implementing Role Based Access Control on GKE.

App Engine Java Serverless

50 Shades Of Serverless In Java! (Part 3) - Example of using App Engine for the serverless deployment of Java web application.

App Engine Cloud Run Compute Engine

Simple Container Deploys on Google Cloud Platform - Deploying container on various GCP products.

Knative Kubernetes Serverless

Knative Serving 0.7 - Changes related to Knative Serving in the latest release.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions IoT

Build a weather station with Google Cloud IoT, Cloud Firestore, Mongoose OS & Android Jetpack - Building an IoT weather station using GCP products.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Tips and tricks to get your Cloud Dataflow pipelines into production - Doing stream and batch processing with Cloud Dataflow depends on good data pipelines. Here are some tips to build and manage those pipelines.

Cloud Source Repositories

NiFi & NiFi Registry on the Google Cloud Platform with Cloud Source Repositories - Quickly and easily deploying an unsecured instance of NiFi and an unsecured instance of the NiFi Registry which uses the Cloud Source Repositories service as git backend for the flow persistence provider.

Big Data Data Analytics Data Catalog Data Science

Google Cloud Data Catalog hands-on guide: templates & tags with Python - This quickstart guide brings a practitioner approach to Data Catalog, covering Templates & Tags management using the Python client library.

BigQuery Data Science

New in BigQuery: Persistent UDFs - Using new functionality of saving User Defined Functions in BigQuery.


Persistent UDFs + BQ GIS = ♥ - Using BigQuery Persistent UDFs related to GIS analysis.

BigQuery Data Science Python

BigQuery and Public Datasets. Overview for Data Analysts - In this article we’ll briefly explore what is BigQuery and how a data analyst can access and use it through various interfaces with…


Impact of dataset locations on BigQuery query execution performance - Analysis of the impact when storying BigQuery data in regional and multi-regional dataset.

BigQuery Data Science

An open source Python package for moving HelpScout data into Google BigQuery - This article is written for business analysts, data scientists and engineers that need to integrate Help Scout data into their Google BigQuery pipeline, and have hands-on experience dealing with Python, APIs and SQL databases.

BigQuery Machine Learning Python

How to do hyperparameter tuning of a BigQuery ML model - Bayesian Optimization using Cloud AI Platform.

Machine Learning Python

Using Data from a Data Pipeline in BigQuery - An example of using BigQuery ML.

Machine Learning Python

Colab synergy with MLflow: how to monitor progress and store models. - A guide on how to setup MLflow on Google Cloud.

Machine Learning Python TensorFlow

Codeless ML with TensorFlow - Building an end-to-end machine learning pipeline without writing any ML code.


Stackdriver Resiliency and Proxies - This blog will walk you through, step-by-step, setting up a simple test using an nginx proxy, prove you are using the proxy, and demonstrate the Stackdriver Python client library to be resilient with proxies (and network) coming and going.

Big Data BigQuery

BigQuery for Big Data and AI - A brief intro to start working with BigQuery.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #184 Informatica with Bill Creekbaum

Kubernetes Podcast - #60 Ubuntu, with Mark Shuttleworth


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