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BigQuery has many interesting features, functions and uses cases. There is something from each in this issue plus other interesting stuff.



Cloud Scheduler Official Blog

Cloud Scheduler, a fully managed cron job service from Google Cloud - Now, Cloud Scheduler lets you invoke HTTP targets to reach a variety of GCP services, or on on-prem with OAuth/OpenID Connect authentication.

BigQuery Official Blog

Scan BigQuery for sensitive data using Cloud DLP - The Scan with DLP button lets you run DLP scans directly from the BigQuery UI in just a few clicks, so you can easily discover and classify sensitive data.

Big Data Cloud Data Fusion Kubernetes

Journey Continues — Onward and Upwards! - A brief overview of things that are going on around CDAP (Data Fusion).

Official Blog

Thinking about cloud security? Join us for a new round of Google Cloud Security Talks - Join us for the Google Cloud Security Talks, a live online event on June 10.

Articles, Tutorials

Anthos Kubernetes

Laying my hands on Anthos — what it is, and what it’s not.. - The first impression of Anthos.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Upgrading a large cluster on GKE - Description of experience of upgrading GKE cluster.

Container Registry Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Machine Learning

Using Kubernetes Init Containers to decouple the deployment of machine learning applications from their models. - The article describes how to decouple and deploy ML model and application on Kubernetes.

Docker Kubernetes

PhpMyAdmin on Google Kubernetes Engine - Deploying phpMyAdmin instance on GKE.

Compute Engine Tutorial

Install WordPress with Nginx Reverse Proxy to Apache on Ubuntu 18.04 — Google Cloud - Install WordPress with Nginx Reverse Proxy to Apache with Ubuntu 18.04 on Google Cloud Platform with PHP 7.3, Nginx, Apache, Let’s Encrypt.


GCP: Folder Hierarchy & Group Management with Terraform - Handling folder hierarchy for resources using Terraform.

Cloud Storage Official Blog

Uploading images directly to Cloud Storage using Signed URL - See how to implement a service hosted on GCP that allows users to upload images into Cloud Storage using Signed URL, then serve that static content using managed services.

Cloud Storage

Authenticated Static Sites on GCS - Granting access to users for a static website hosted on Cloud Storage.

Beginner Networking Tutorial

Talk to the Internet with IP Addresses - The article describes how IP addresses are handled on GCP.

Advanced Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Firebase

Should I query my Firebase database directly, or use Cloud Functions? - Comparison of querying data in Firebase through backend or from a client.

Firebase Serverless

The State of Firebase (mid 2019) - Overview of Firebase features introduced in first half of 2019.

Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Run Knative Kubernetes Serverless Tutorial

Cloud Run as an internal async worker - Using Cloud Run as an internal async worker to process Cloud Pub/Sub messages.

Cloud Tasks

Cloud Tasks for every HTTP target - Description of Cloud Tasks, history, properties, use case with HTTP target, security.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Build your own event-sourced system using Cloud Spanner - Using event-sourced systems can help solve complex application development problems. Here’s how to deploy one using Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Pub/Sub Official Blog

Testing Cloud Pub/Sub clients to maximize streaming performance - Using open-source load test framework to benchmark Cloud Pub/Sub ingestion.

Apache Beam BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Extracting Data from BigQuery table to Parquet into GCS using Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam - Extracting data using Dataflow from BigQuery into Parquet format and storying into Cloud Storage.

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataprep Machine Learning

BigQuery GIS + ML on government open data - Analyzing & visualizing housing data using BigQuery.

Big Data BigQuery Tutorial

How to easy understand Analytics Functions on BigQuery - An in-depth explanation of analytical BigQuery functions.

Big Data BigQuery

Loading Terabytes of Data From Postgres Into BigQuery - The article describes approaches of exporting data from PostgreSQL and loading into BigQuery.

BigQuery Security

BigQuery Encryption Functions — Part I: Data deletion/retention with Crypto Shredding - Using BigQuery encryption functions for data deletion and retention

Machine Learning

How to Build, Develop and Deploy a Machine Learning Model to predict cars price using Neural Networks - This blog post summarizes the efforts in effectively building and deploying a neural network algorithm to estimate car prices in emerging markets.

API Machine Learning Serverless

Online predictions API using scikit-learn and Cloud Machine Learning Engine on GCP - This post will explain steps to train a model, store classifier on Google Cloud Storage and use Cloud Machine Learning to create an API in order to perform online predictions.

Cloud ML R TensorFlow

All Aboard the cloudml_train() - A step by step guide on how to use RStudio locally to train with CloudML remotely.

BigQuery Business Cloud AutoML

Google's AutoML And BigQuery ML: The Rise Of One-Click Hyperscale Machine Learning - A look at Google's approach to Machine Learning.

Apigee Firebase GCP Experience Official Blog

Magazine Luiza: How we transformed our e-commerce platform with Apigee, Firebase, and GCP - In 2018, Magazine Luiza concluded its biggest Black Friday ever with the help of GCP, Apigee, and Firebase. Learn how they did it.


You’re Invited to the 30 Day Challenge! - Qwiklabs offers Kubernetes Solutions quests for June’s 30-Day Challenge!

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#179 Stackdriver with Rory Petty - Stackdriver with Rory Petty.


Kubernetes Podcast - #55 Solo.io, with Idit Levine.


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