Welcome to issue #128 March 11th, 2019

Each issue brings variety of topics and articles to help you get most out of GCP products, for example in this issue related to BigQuery: visualizations, using in Data Science, how to handle changing dimensions etc. Enjoy



Cloud Bigtable Official Blog

Go global with Cloud Bigtable - With new Bigtable's replication capabilities it's possible to have data available across region or worldwide.

Compute Engine Official Blog

HPC made easy: Announcing new features for Slurm on GCP - Slurm is one of the leading open-source HPC workload managers, now supports new features to run HPC workloads on GCP.

Cloud Storage Official Blog

How does your cloud storage grow? With a scalable plan and a price drop - New predictable pricing for larger amount of data in GCS.

Official Blog Security

Simplify enterprise threat detection and protection with new Google Cloud security services - New Web Risk API checks URLs against Google's lists of unsafe web resources including social engineering sites such as phishing and deceptive sites, and sites that host malware or unwanted software.

Official Blog Storage

New file checksum feature lets you validate data transfers between HDFS and Cloud Storage - Automatic performing end-to-end, client-side validation of copied files in Apache Hadoop and Cloud Storage.

Compute Engine

NKN launches 1-click Full Node on Google Cloud Marketplace - NKN is the P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain, now with 1 click node setup on GCP.

Articles, Tutorials

Istio Kubernetes Official Blog SRE

The service mesh era: Using Istio and Stackdriver to build an SRE service - Demonstrating how to use Istio to level up SRE practices for workloads running in Kubernetes.

Compute Engine Tutorial

Building a render farm in GCP using OpenCue—new guide available - This tutorial guides you through deploying OpenCue (open source, high-performance render manager), and all the resources required, to build a render farm in GCP.

Beginner Terraform

Getting Started with Terraform and Google Cloud Platform - Article describes how to setup and start using Terraform to create infrastructure on GCP.

Cloud SQL Google Kubernetes Engine

Scaling properly a stateful app like Wordpress with Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL in Google Cloud - Setting up Wordpress on GKE to support multiple replicas.

Monitoring Stackdriver

Writing Developer logs with Google Cloud Logging - Using Generic Node and Generic Task with Cloud Logging API.

Cloud IoT Firebase IoT Tutorial

Building a Smart Home Cloud Service with Google - Using Firebase and GCP to build cloud service for the smart home.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Cloud Datastore

Large data processing with Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Datastore - Dataflow pipeline to upload csv file into Cloud Datastore.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Java

DataFlow: Dealing with BigQuery schema change - Detection of BigQuery schema changes in streaming Dataflow jobs.


Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 in BigQuery - Article describes 2 most common approaches for Implementing dimension history in BigQuery.


Visualizing Google Big Query Datasets in PowerBI - Visualizing BigQuery datasets in PowerBI Dashboards.


BigQuery for Data Science - Working with BigQuery in context of Data Science.

AI Compute Engine Machine Learning

DeepLearning Images Revision M21 - New release of Deep Learning Images brings new UI, Tensorflow 1.13, 2.0 (in Alpha), Git integration with Notebooks.

Big Data Python

Enlightened DataLab Notebooks - Starting with Data Science on GCP.

Official Blog Security

Leading security companies use Google Cloud to deliver Security-as-a-Service - Examples of security companies which are using GCP products and services.

GCP Experience Official Blog

Modernizing financial risk computation with Hitachi Consulting and GCP - Example of creating proof of concept for financial institution that runs on GCP.

GCP Certification

Qwiklabs — Baseline: Data, ML, AI - Overview of QWiklabs quests to learn GCP.

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #165 Python with Dustin Ingram

Kubernetes Podcast - #43 Borg, Omega, Kubernetes and Beyond, with Brian Grant

Cloud SDK

Developer and Management Tools


Kubeflow Pipelines: Helping developers from prototyping to production (Google Cloud AI Huddle)


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