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BigQuery without credit card, websockets for App Engine, Stackdriver Profiler supports new languages and more!



App Engine Official Blog

Introducing WebSockets support for App Engine Flexible Environment - App Engine Flexible Environment now supports the WebSocket protocol in beta.

BigQuery Official Blog

Query without a credit card: introducing BigQuery sandbox - BigQuery sandbox, a credit-card free path to enable new users and students to experiment with BigQuery at no cost.

BigQuery Official Blog

Introducing six new cryptocurrencies in BigQuery Public Datasets—and how to analyze them - The six cryptocurrency blockchain datasets now available for Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Zcash.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Stackdriver Profiler adds more languages and new analysis features - Stackdriver Profiler Supports now Node.js, Python (coming soon), and App Engine Standard Java.

Cloud Build Official Blog

Build containers faster with Cloud Build with Kaniko - New feature for Cloud Build that caches container build artifacts, resulting in much faster build times.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Exploring container security: Encrypting Kubernetes secrets with Cloud KMS - Beta GKE application-layer secrets encryption, using the same keys you manage in our hosted Cloud Key Management Service (KMS).

Articles, Tutorials

DevOps Official Blog

Seven steps to making DevOps a reality - Steps to adopt DevOps.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

The service mesh era: Advanced application deployments and traffic management with Istio on GKE - How Istio can help your organization decrease complexity, increase automation, and ease the burden of application management on your operations and development teams.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine

Overview of aproaches for Kubernetes on GCP. - Overview of various approaches and tools for CI/CD with Kubernetes on GCP.


Envoy http/tcp Parser Plugin for Fluentd and Google Cloud Logging - This article details a fluentd and google-fluentd parser plugin for Envoy Proxy Access Logs.

Official Blog Stackdriver

Stackdriver usage and costs: a guide to understand and optimize spending - Stackdriver cost optimization solution guide to help you understand and optimize your Stackdriver usage and costs.

Cloud Functions Stackdriver

Configuring alert notifications for cloud function errors in GCP - Setting up alerts for critical errors while running your cloud functions in GCP.

App Engine Cloud Build Cloud KMS

Managing Secrets with KMS and Google Cloudbuild - Tips for developers manage their secrets when deploying an application to Google Application Engine.

Apache Beam Cloud Bigtable Cloud Dataflow

How to update row keys in Google Big Table - Transform the Google Big Table row keys into the new format.

Cloud SQL Kubernetes

Increasing PostgreSQL Cloud SQL Connections w/ PgBouncer & Kubernetes Engine - Article describes how to set up Helm, Kubernetes, PgBouncer, and CloudSQL to drastically increase the connections a PostgreSql DB can handle.

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Deploy React Application with Docker and Google Cloud Platform - Step by step tutorial to deploy React Application with Docker on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Cloud Storage

Upload Large Files Directly to GCS with Dropzone and Signed URL’s - Example of how to use signed URLs to directly upload files on Google Cloud Storage.


What every Data Scientist should know about Kubernetes (but they are afraid to ask) Part 1. - High-level overview Kubernetes from Data Scientist perspective .


BigQuery without a credit card: Discover, learn and share - The new sandbox mode for BigQuery includes free storage, no credit card required.


Analyzing Ethereum Classic with Google BigQuery - Getting insight from Ethereum Classic transactions with BigQUery.

BigQuery Machine Learning

BigQuery ML gets faster by computing a closed-form solution (sometimes) - Speeding up creation of ML model in BigQuery.

Machine Learning Official Blog

Making the machine: the machine learning lifecycle - How machine learning maps to and fits in with the traditional software development lifecycle.

Cloud Identity Storage

Some more GCP Flowcharts - Flowcharts to help select right Identity management, Load balancer, Cloud Storage class

GCP Certification

Four New Certifications for You! - New practice quests from Qwikilabs in support of new certifications.

GCP Certification

Notes from my beta Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer Certification Exam - Notes for beta Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer Certification Exam.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer — Roadmap for preparation - Preparation guide for Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer.

GCP Experience Official Blog

The Telegraph UK: Reimagining media with the help of Google Cloud - The Telegraph is announcing it’s migrating fully to Google Cloud.

Business GCP Experience Official Blog

Golden State Warriors power data analytics and fan experiences with Google Cloud - Google Cloud partnership with the Golden State Warriors as their official public cloud provider to help them transform their organization and do more with their data, on and off the court.


5 Things Thomas Kurian Must Do To Transform Google Cloud Business - For Google Cloud, 2019 meant a major change in the leadership. Thomas Kurian – an industry veteran who spent 22 years at Oracle – is at the helm of the cloud business at Google.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #161 Go Cloud Functions with Stewart Reichling and Tyler Bui-Palsulich


Kubernetes Podcast - #39 Minikube, with Dan Lorenc

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