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Cloud Identity Official Blog Security

Cloud Identity for Customers and Partners (CICP) is now in beta and ready to use - Cloud Identity for Customers and Partners (CICP) is now available in beta.

Compute Engine Official Blog

New for Persistent Disk and Compute Engine: Control the storage location of your disk snapshots - With new snapshot feature in beta, you can now specify storage location of your disk snapshots for GCE.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Cloud Spanner adds enhanced query introspection, new regions, and new multi-region configurations - Few enhancements for Cloud Spanner like Query introspection, New multi-region configurations and new regions.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Introducing Access Approval and new Access Transparency services: Gain more meaningful oversight of your cloud provider - GCP introduces Access Approval and new Access Transparency services.

App Engine Official Blog Python

Python 3.7 for App Engine is now generally available - Python 3.7 is now generally available on Google App Engine.

App Engine Cloud SQL Official Blog

Cloud SQL now supports private connections and App Engine second generation runtimes - Private service access to your Cloud SQL instances is now generally available and support now available for connecting second-generation App Engine standard environment runtimes with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.

Cloud Dataproc Official Blog

Announcing the beta release of SparkR job types in Cloud Dataproc - Beta release of SparkR jobs on Cloud Dataproc, which is the latest chapter in building R support on GCP.

Cloud IoT Official Blog

New Qwiklabs Quest available: IoT on Google Cloud - Google’s Qwiklabs has now IoT in the Google Cloud Quest.

Articles, Tutorials

Official Blog Security

Exploring container security: Let Google do the patching with new managed base images - Patching with new managed base images.


EdgeFS cluster with Rook in Google Cloud - Kubernetes with Rook Orchestration and EdgeFS as a Geo-Transparent capable data I/O plane.


How to set up SSL certificates to renew automatically using Google Cloud DNS and GCP Kubernetes - Deploy a pod in your Kubernetes cluster that will create and renew your SSL certificates automatically and store it inside a TLS secret using your Google Cloud DNS as a challenge provider.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Automating container security in GKE with Binary Authorization and CircleCI - Automating container security in GKE with CircleCI.


SSL and TCP Proxy Load Balancers-How GCP balances the huge amount of traffic? - Using SSL and TCP Proxy Load Balancer.

Cloud Storage Official Blog

Cloud Storage requests create data art and usage insights - Build a visualization that explores the interactions between users and the content stored in Google Cloud Storage.

Compute Engine

Cloud HPC 2018-12: Google Cloud - Benchmarking cloud platforms for high-performance computing (HPC) applications in materials modeling.

Cloud Filestore Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Firebase Official Blog

Cloud Functions pro tips: Retries and idempotency in action - Build order processing system for a restaurant using Cloud Functions, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Firestore and Firebase Hosting.

Cloud Filestore Firebase

Firebase: Accessing Firestore and Firebase through a proxy server - How to access Firestore and Firebase through a proxy server.


Awesome Firebase - List of Firebase talks, tools, examples & articles

Google Cloud Platform

Cloud IoT step-by-step: Connecting Raspberry PI + Python - Step-by-step guide to connecting your Raspberry Pi to Google’s Cloud Platform.

Cloud Storage

Create a Custom Domain CDN with Google (beta) - Set up a Custom Domain HTTPS-only CDN based on a Google cloud storage bucket.

Cloud Build

Make a Cloud Build Step That Always Succeeds - Handle Google Cloud Build Failures.

Cloud Functions Dialogflow Python

Hey Google! Talk to… - Create voice command for the Google Assistant with Python, Dialogflow and Google Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions Dialogflow

Deploying Google Actions on the Cheap! - Create your own voice command for Google Assistant with Python, Dialogflow and Google Cloud Functions - Part 3

Cloud Dataproc

Using the Google Cloud Dataproc WorkflowTemplates API to Automate Spark and Hadoop Workloads on GCP - Examine the Cloud Dataproc WorkflowTemplates API to more efficiently and effectively automate Spark and Hadoop workloads.


BigQuery public datasets metadata - Metadata for BigQuery public datasets.


CodeLab — Connect Actions on Google with BigQuery - How to connect AoG with BigQuery.

Cloud AutoML Cloud ML

Predicting the Geospatial Availability of Services like Bird and Lime - How to build a prediction system for shared cars/bikes/scooters using very simple tools!

Cloud ML Official Blog

AI in depth: profiling the model training process for TensorFlow on Cloud ML Engine - Usage of different tools that can help you gain useful insights into your Cloud ML Engine profiling information.

Official Blog TensorFlow

Using data and ML to better track wildfire and assess its threat levels - Building a fire estimator, based on a model trained in TensorFlow.

Cloud Healthcare Official Blog

Getting to know the Google Cloud Healthcare API: part 3 - Deeper dive into how you can use the Google Cloud Healthcare API.

GCP Certification

Google cloud associate engineer exam prep! - Essential Learning resources for Google cloud associate engineer exam.

Business Official Blog

How the energy industry is using the cloud - How Energy companies—like oil and gas, utilities, and renewable energy are using cloud.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #159 End of Year Wrap-up


Kubernetes podcast - #34 Adam and Craig end the year by talking to Jordan Liggitt, the member of the Kubernetes Product Security Team who fixed the recent critical security vulnerability in the Kubernetes API server. We also take a look at the news from KubeCon.


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