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Not many news (beside 2 new regions in Asia) but lots of interesting articles about usage of GCP products.



Google Cloud Platform

Growing our presence in Asia Pacific: New GCP regions in Hong Kong and Jakarta - Sixth APAC region opened today in Hong Kong, with another coming to Jakarta, Indonesia .

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Google Integrates Istio Service Mesh into Kubernetes Service - Istio, the open source service mesh that helps provide traffic management, observability, and security to microservices and distributed applications will be available as one click integration.

Kubernetes NoSQL

How to Restore Neo4j Backups on Kubernetes and GKE - Article describes how to Backup Neo4j Running in Kubernetes.


Running Firecracker VMM on GCP with nested KVM - Instructions to set up Firecracker in a VM (on GCP).

Cloud Healthcare Official Blog

Getting to know the Google Cloud Healthcare API: part 2 - Deeper dive into key concepts implemented in Google Cloud Healthcare API, and show how to perform a basic API implementation.

Cloud SQL Compute Engine

Pega workflow automation: Simplifying Google's network, and ready for your GCP workloads - Deploying Pega Platform Using Compute Engine and Cloud SQL.

Cloud SQL

How we tripled the Scalability of our backend API in 24 hours - Improving service backend on GCP.

App Engine Cloud Datastore NodeJS Tutorial

Build a blog application on Google App Engine: the App Context (part 3) - How to build a blog application in Node.js using the Google Datastore and deploy it to Google App Engine.

App Engine Cloud Datastore NodeJS Tutorial

Build a blog application on Google App Engine: BlogPost module (part 4)

App Engine

Dynamic AppEngine Configurations using Gradle Part 2 - How we can easily deploy to various environments like (prod, stag, test) using simple gradle argument.

Cloud Firestore

auth:import existing users from non firebase database into Google Firebase, Google Firestore, real-time database auth user via CLI - Import users into into Google Firebase, Google Firestore.

Compute Engine Docker

Spin off an Email Server with Containers using Docker Compose on Google Cloud Platform (Debian 9 Stretch) - Article describes process of creating an email server on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Functions Official Blog

Cloud Functions pro tips: Building idempotent functions - How to make Cloud Functions idempotent.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Serverless Platform Comparison: Google Cloud Function vs. AWS Lambda - Comparing supported language, ease of deployment, availability, scalability, network performance & stability, CPU throughput, memory management, and pricing for AWS Lambda and Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions

Tracing Python Cloud Functions - Using Stackdriver Trace for Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Platform

Visualize GCP Architecture using Forseti 2.0 and D3.js! - Automatically generate interactive architecture diagrams that represent your GCP environment.

Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Bigtable Performance 101 - Explanation of how Bigtable works under the hood.

Cloud Dataflow

How-To: running a Google Cloud Dataflow job from Apache NiFi - Integrate NiFi GC Dataflow Job Runner processor into Apache NiFi bundle and Create GC Dataflow job templates.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud IoT

A solution for implementing industrial predictive maintenance: Part III - A full predictive maintenance reference solution from Google Cloud Platform products, including Cloud IoT Core and Cloud IoT Edge, big data and data processing tools like BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow, and machine learning platforms like Cloud ML Engine.


Import JSON into BigQuery with Google Cloud Functions - Using Google Cloud Functions to Import JSON into BigQuery.

BigQuery Python

Loading JSON formatted strings into Google BigQuery (Python3) - Loading JSON into Google BigQuery using Python.

Cloud SDK

gcloud commands - List of main gcloud commands based on GCP product categories.

Billing Cloud Functions

Capping costs on GCP for many projects with a budget for many months - Tracking billing info for project.

BigQuery GCP Experience

Investing in Pandora’s Core Differentiators - Pandora's (music streaming service) experience with migration from on premise Hadoop to BigQuery.

GCP Experience

Migration to Google Cloud Platform - Hike (Indian messaging platform) describes their migration to GCP.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #157 NeurIPS and AI Research with Anima Anandkumar


Kubernetes Podcast - #31 Kontena Pharos, with Jari Kolehmainen

Machine Learning

Introduction to Google Cloud Machine learning - Video from GDG Cloud Tel-Aviv.


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