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Cloud NAT Official Blog Oct. 4, 2021

Cloud NAT explained! - For security, it is a best practice to limit the number of public IP addresses in your network. In Google Cloud, Cloud NAT (network address translation) lets certain resources without external IP addresses create outbound connections to the internet.

Cloud NAT Networking Official Blog Oct. 4, 2021

Supercharge your Cloud NAT: Introducing new Cloud NAT features - Introducing new Google Cloud NAT features that improve scalability and flexibility for Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine workloads.

Cloud Build Cloud NAT Serverless Terraform Jan. 18, 2021

Provisioning Cloud Run with Cloud NAT using Terraform - Use Terraform to automate the creation of a Cloud Run service that directs egress traffic through a Cloud NAT gateway.

Cloud NAT Kubernetes Dec. 21, 2020

Google cloud -Public GKE cluster’s egress traffic via Cloud NAT for IP whitelisting - Rerouting GKE egress traffic via Cloud NAT.


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