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App Engine Official Blog Python

Introducing App Engine Second Generation runtimes and Python 3.7 - Python 3.7 is available today in beta on the App Engine standard environment.

GPU Official Blog

Introducing NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs for accelerating virtual workstations and ML inference on Compute Engine - New addition to the GCP Platform with NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs for virtual workstations and ML inference on Compute Engine.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Security in plaintext: use Shielded VMs to harden your GCP workloads - GCP introduced Shielded VMs in beta for protection against boot malware or firmware rootkits.

Cloud Filestore Official Blog

Expanding the Cloud Firestore beta to more users - Management and administration tools for Cloud Firestore to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console and also google announced more locations and new features.

Google Cloud Platform Java

Calling Java developers: Spring Cloud GCP 1.0 is now generally available - Spring Cloud GCP is a project in the Spring Cloud family that helps Java developers build Spring Boot applications and its now generally available.

Cloud Pub/Sub Official Blog

Simple backup and replay of streaming events using Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Dataflow - Google Cloud has announced an easy way to backup and replay your streaming pipeline events directly from the Cloud Console using collection of import/export templates.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Hortonworks and Google Cloud collaborate to expand data analytics offerings - Partnership between Hortonworks and Google enable enterprises to easily adopt Google Cloud for their big data workloads powered by Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache Spark and other data analytics solutions.


Introducing Kubebuilder: an SDK for building Kubernetes APIs using CRDs - Introduction of kubebuilder, a comprehensive development kit for rapidly building and publishing Kubernetes APIs and Controllers using CRDs.

Articles, Tutorials


Tracing Google Cloud - Learn about various options for tracing Google Cloud.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Kubernetes: Running Background Tasks With Batch-Jobs - How to run a batch-job on Kubernetes in a few different ways: one-time, sequential, and parallel.


Kubernetes Engine access and audit - Ways to share access to a clusters with trusted external developers.

Google Kubernetes Engine

High Performance ELK with Kubernetes: Part 1 - Setting up Elasticsearch and Kibana in a Kubernetes cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine

From Scala app to Kubernetes Pod - Steps to bring a local app from local to a Kubernetes pod on Google Cloud infrastructure.

App Engine Kubernetes

Deploy WSO2 Stream Processor Fully Distributed Deployment in a Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes cluster from scratch - How to deploy WSO2 Stream Processor Fully Distributed Deployment in a Google Compute Engine Kubernetes cluster.

App Engine Beginner Cloud Endpoints

Hands-on Google Cloud Endpoint with App-Engine - Deploying a sample API with Google Cloud Endpoints.

Cloud SQL

Search on Google Cloud Platform — Cloud SQL - Explore Cloud SQL as storage, namely PostgreSQL built in functionality for text search on GCP.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL Postgres on GCP - Diving into Cloud SQL and its out-of-the-box API


Update and Customize Queries on Your Cloud Firestore Data for Actions on Google - Explore Cloud Firestore by using different query methods.

Cloud Composer

Using Airflow Experimental Rest API on Google Cloud Platform: Cloud Composer and IAP - Setting up a Cloud Composer environment for Airflow Experimental Rest API on Google Cloud Platform.


Optimizing BigQuery: Cluster your tables - Clustering of tables in BigQuery explained in Wikipedia data set.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub Python

Aggregated Audit Logging With Google Cloud and Python - Taking Apache2 server access logs from a web server, converting the log file line-by-line to JSON data, publishing that JSON data to a Google PubSub topic, transforming the data using Google DataFlow, and storing the resulting log file in Google BigQuery long-term storage.


HowTo Start Using TPUs From Google Colab in Few Simple Steps - Steps for Using TPUs From Google Colab.

Machine Learning

Troubleshooting Different Deep Learning Images Problems - Troubleshooting Deep Learning Images Problems.

Cloud AutoML

Training A Model in Less Than A Day: A Beginner’s Guide to Google Cloud Platform AutoML Vision - A Beginner’s Guide to Google Cloud Platform AutoML Vision.

Compute Engine

How to rotate snapshots in windows using powershell for Google Cloud Platform - Using powershell to create daily incremental snapshots of GCE and cleanup old snapshots for easy management.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #141 Accessibility in Tech with Haben Girma. Common challenges and best practices when considering accessibility in technology design and development.


Kubernetes podcast - Istio, with Jasmine Jaksic and Dan Ciruli about Istio 1.0.


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