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Machine learning and artificial intelligence is not future but present. Articles in this issue demonstrates it.




Kubernetes 1.9: Apps Workloads GA and Expanded Ecosystem - Kubernetes version 1.9 is Generally Available, with Workloads API enabled by default and Windows support in Beta.

Cloud ML

Bringing Cloud ML Engine to more developers with online prediction features and reduced prices - Reducing prices and introducing new features for Cloud ML.

Google Cloud Platform

Expanding our partner ecosystem with managed services providers - After Rackspace even more companies are promoted as Managed Service Providers.

Articles, Tutorials

App Engine BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataproc GCP Experience

How We Implemented a Fully Serverless Recommender System Using GCP - In depth description with code samples of implementing recommendation (serverless) system on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Dataflow TensorFlow

Predicting social engagement for the world’s news with TensorFlow and Cloud Dataflow: Part 1 - Predicting online conversation about the world's news on Reddit, using Tensorflow and Cloud Dataflow.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Getting music recommendation groove on with Google Cloud Platform - First article from blog series on topic of recommendation systems and machine learning using of course Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud ML Cloud Natural Language API Machine Learning

Improving the efficiency of your helpdesk with serverless machine learning - Article describes how it would be possible to use of customer service helpdesk historical data to predict key KPI or fields of a support ticket to handle it in the most efficient way.

Cloud Dataflow

A tale of a search of a CEP engine and real time processing framework - Among different possible solutions for Complex Event Processing, Dataflow was also considered.

Advanced App Engine BigQuery Cloud ML Machine Learning TensorFlow

Real-time forecasts in the cloud: from market feed capture to ML predictions - how to train a machine learning model to predict FX rates using TensorFlow in Google Cloud, with application components running as App Engine services and communicating with each other by publishing messages via Cloud Pub/Sub and by writing data into BigQuery.


How Google protects your data in transit - TLDR: At all levels user's data are safe.

IAM Security

12 gifts for the security admin in your life - List of tips and resources of how to secure things in your GCP project.

Cloud Resource Manager

Use labels to gain visibility into GCP resource usage and spending - With labels, it's possible to group related resources together by adding metadata to resources in the form of key-value pairs. This feature helps enterprises better organize resources, and gain visibility into resource usage and spending.


Extracting value from your logs with Stackdriver logs-based metrics - Some examples how to use Logs-based metrics to identify trends and extract numeric values out of the logs.

App Engine Stackdriver

Google App Engine Cron Job Monitoring - Adding monitoring of Cron jobs from Google App Engine to Stackdriver.

Advanced Stackdriver

Detailed Network Monitoring with Stackdriver - In this article process of building the collectd protocols plugin and getting it to work with StackDriver agent is explained.


Three tips for peak Cloud Load Balancing performance - Few tips to help reduce maintenance overhead, improve performance and minimize cost, all at the same time for Cloud Load Balancing.


One year with BigQuery - Thoughts about BigQuery after using it for one year.


State of npm scripts - Analyzing npm script from Github using BigQuery.


What Is Google BigQuery — Eye Popping Features, Scary Fast, Friendly Pricing and Does The Kessel Run In Less Than Twelve Parsecs - List of basic BigQuery features.

Beginner Cloud Vision API

How to use Google Cloud Vision API - Introductory text about Google Cloud Vision API

Cloud IoT

Managing Device State with Google Cloud IoT - Article describes managing device state using Helium and Google Cloud IoT.

Compute Engine Tutorial

Running PostgreSQL on GCE Container VM - Step by step tutorial describing how to create and use persistent disk in container on Google Compute Engine.


Solution: Integrating on-premises storage with Google Cloud using an Avere vFXT - Article explains how to use Avere vFXT (act as network-attached storage (NAS) in the compute cloud) on Google Cloud Platform)

Google Kubernetes Engine

How Kubernetes Load Balancer Services Are Implemented in GKE (And How To Delete Them) - Process to delete TCP Load Balancer after deleting GKE cluster.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Agrarian-Scale Kubernetes: Part 1 - 3 parts series walking through cluster creation, deploying web app and creating load balancer.

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Agrarian-Scale Kubernetes: Part 2

Beginner Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Agrarian-Scale Kubernetes: Part 3

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Kubernetes load-testing Cloud Functions

Firebase Go

Firebase: Introducing Bulk User Export and Custom Claims - Explanation of Firebase's latest SDK updates, namely bulk user export and custom claims.

DevOps Puppet

Puppet and Google Cloud Platform: a year in review - Beside official partnership with Puppet, there also another wave of integrations for Google Cloud Products.


Etsy Announces Move to Google Cloud - Etsy (e-commerce) plans to migrate to Google Cloud Platform.

GCP Experience

Building tools with GCP to help developers be more efficient - How Rocro Inc.(subsidiary of Sony Network Communications) is using Google Cloud Platform to create SaaS products.

Slides, Videos, Audio

#107 A Year in Review with Francesc Campoy Flores and Greg Wilson

Going API First on the Google Cloud with Connexion


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