Welcome to issue #61 November 27th, 2017

No news can't beat lowering of prices, this week for GPUs and preemtible SSD disks.



Compute Engine GPU

New lower prices for GPUs and preemptible Local SSDs

Google Cloud Platform GPU

Introducing VRay GPU rendering and CaraVR support on Zync Render - In Zync Render platform now supports Vray GPU and Foundry’s VR toolset CaraVR.

Google Cloud Platform

Coming in 2018: GCP’s Hong Kong region

Articles, Tutorials

Google Cloud Platform

A GCP flowchart a day - All Flowcharts about Google Cloud Platform in one place.

Cloud Dataprep

Google Cloud Dataprep: Spreadsheet-Style Data Wrangling Powered by Google Cloud Dataflow - Overview of Google Cloud Dataprep.

Cloud Datalab

The Good, The Bad, and the Gorgeous - Some tips, tricks and thoughts on using Google Data Studio.

App Engine Python

Running webapp2 outside of Google App Engine - Sample web application which demonstrates how to run webapp2 framework on Google Compute Engine.


Understanding kubernetes networking: services - Description of how a Kubernetes service enables load balancing across a set of server pods, allowing client pods to operate independently and durably.


SendGrid Email Automation with Google Firestore Functions - Code snippet for Firestore function to send email through Sendgrid.

Cloud IoT

Getting Started with Google Cloud IoT and Helium - Helium's mission is to make it easier to build connected devices. In article, video demo with connecting device to Google Cloud IoT is explained.

Cloud Dataproc Tutorial

Launch a Hadoop Cluster in 90 Seconds or Less in Google Cloud Dataproc! - Step by step tutorial about setting Dataproc (Hadoop cluster).

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Storage

Scheduling tasks on Google cloud platform - Examining different possibilities to schedule batch jobs on Google Cloud Platform.

App Engine Cloud Dataflow Tutorial

Migrating from App Engine MapReduce to Cloud Dataflow - This tutorial shows how to migrate from using App Engine MapReduce to Google Cloud Dataflow.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Autoscaling Pub/Sub Consumers - How Spotify scales consumers of Cloud Pub/Sub topics.


BigQuery UI Alpha launched, but is it what we've been waiting for? - Reflection on new BigQuery UI (currently in private testing).

Cloud ML TensorFlow

Wide and deep model using Tensorflow - Predicting taxi cab demand by day of the week weather using Google Cloud ML.

Python TensorFlow Tutorial

From Solving Equations to Deep Learning: A TensorFlow Python Tutorial - Introduction to Tensorflow through examples.

AWS Business GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform

Living In A Multi-Cloud World - How Cloudfare is using multi cloud.

GCP Experience

Thoughts on Google Cloud Platform - Comments from Solution Engineers at Google Cloud Platform

Slides, Videos, Audio

Cloud Dataprep

GCP Podcast - #104 Dataprep with Eric Anderson

Machine Learning

Machine Learning with Google Cloud and Intel® IoT Gateway Technology


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