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App Engine

App Engine firewall now generally available - Improved firewall for Google App Engine is now Generally Available.

Compute Engine

GCP adds support for multiple network interfaces - Now is possible to provision up to eight network interfaces on a single VM instance.


Introducing Grafeas: An open-source API to audit and govern your software supply chain - Grafeas is an open source initiative to define a uniform way for auditing and governing the modern software supply chain.

App Engine

Reblaze for App Engine, Done Right - Reblaze, (company focused on security) can be now used with Google App Engine Firewall

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Building reliable deployments with Spinnaker, Container Engine and Container Builder - This tutorial shows you how to create a continuous delivery pipeline using Google Container Engine, Google Cloud Source Repositories, Google Cloud Container Builder, and Spinnaker.

Google Kubernetes Engine Stackdriver

Customizing Stackdriver Logs for Container Engine with Fluentd - This tutorial describes how to customize Fluentd logging for a Google Container Engine cluster.


Scaling dedicated game servers with Kubernetes Part 3 - Following previous part, this article describes how we can use the CPU information determine when we need to scale up our Kubernetes cluster because we’ve run out of room for more game servers as our player base increases.


Five things learned using terraform to manage cloud infrastructure - Lessons learned using Terraform on Google Cloud Platform.


Kubernetes: from load balancer to pod - This article answers question: what happens when you define a service as a load balancer and how do packets end up in your pod?


The Almighty Pause Container - Article explains what does it mean when Docker container is paused.

App Engine Google Kubernetes Engine

App Engine Flex || Container Engine — ? - Comparison of auto scaling Google App Engine and Google Container Engine


Applying Chaos Experiments using Gremlin with the Chaos Toolkit - Gremlin is a full Failure as a Service system, ready to apply Chaos to large-scale systems through a multitude of great features.

App Engine

Beyond Java 8 on Google App Engine (Standard Environment) - What release of Java 8 means for Google App Engine


4 ways you can deploy an ASP.NET Core app to GCP - since .NET is now Generally Available both on Google App Engine and Container Engine, in article are presented different ways how to deploy ASP.NET applications

Cloud Storage

Optimizing Google Cloud Storage small file upload performance - Improving upload of small files with parallel uploads.

App Engine

Going GAE — our review of Google App Engine - Pros and cons developing new product on Google App Engine.

Cloud Dataflow Cloud ML Machine Learning

Machine Learning at Scale with Google Cloud Platform - Slides + code on github about how to pre process data with Dataflow before training with Tensorflow on Cloud ML.

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Rock-paper-scissors machine built on TensorFlow - Description of interesting and funny projects combining electronics and machine learning

Cloud Dataproc

Control and granularity with Spark and Hadoop on Cloud Dataproc - 3 improvement in Cloud Dataproc: granular IAM, scheduled deletion, per-second billing


Google Cloud Firestore integration with Ionic and AngularFire - How to start using Cloud Firestore with Ionic and AngularFire

Cloud SQL Compute Engine

Deploying Mantis Bug Tracker on Google Cloud Platform - Description of deploying and setting Mantis bug tracker on Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud SQL.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow

Separation of compute and state in Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow (and why it matters) - Article explain in depth why seperation of state and compute improves speed of big data processing.

Auto-Analyzing Sentiment in Survey Feedback using NLP: How Do Customers Feel About Your People?


Redshift versus Snowflake versus BigQuery / Part 1: Performance - Benchmarking speed and cost of 3 datawarehouses.


Export & Load Job with MongoDB — BigQuery Part - Step by step instructions to export data from MongoDB to BigQuery.

Business Google Cloud Platform

Retail Insights Using Estimote Stickers - Description of architecture developed on Google Cloud Platform which is used for mobile app to provide location context for physical objects.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #98 Sydney Region with Andrew Walker and Graham Polley


GCP Online Meetup - #30: Kubernetes: Advanced Scheduling Controls

Authenticating to Vault on Google Cloud Platform with Fleetsmith

Cloud Dataprep

Practical Introduction & Demo of Google Cloud Dataprep


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