Welcome to issue #50 September 11th, 2017

I'm personally happy that since 11 months ago, first issue of this newsletter was published and today we reached number 50!!! Thank you for holding out as a reader and of course if you have suggestions how to improve it even more or just to write feedback, I'll be glad.




Announcing Dedicated Interconnect: your fast, private on-ramp to Google Cloud - Dedicated Interconnect lets you establish a private network connection directly to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through one of their Dedicated Interconnect locations. Dedicated Interconnect also offers increased throughput and even a potential reduction in network costs.

Compute Engine

Meet Compute Engine’s new managed instance group updater - The updater is in beta and fully integrated into managed instance groups, making it easier than ever to update the software on your instances, patch and update them, and roll out staged and test deployments

Articles, Tutorials


How to crunch your business data from Sheets in BigQuery - Example how BigQuery can query Google Sheets just like any other table.


Stackdriver System Logs-based Metrics - Practical example of how to use Stackdriver Logs based metric

Cloud Datalab

Visual Studio Code Jupyter Datalab - How to debug Datalab solutions in Visual Studio Code


Fixing a high CDN bill via custom keys. - Tips and tricks about how to reduce CDN billing


Global Kubernetes in 3 Steps on GCP - Short step by step tutorial to set up federated Kubernetes Cluster


Is Kubernetes Overkill? - Insights for consideration when deciding to run Kubernetes


Securing Kubernetes Cluster Networking - In depth explanation of Kubernetes Network Policies

Compute Engine

Launch Your Blog on Google Cloud - Tutorial about setting Wordpress on Google Compute Engine using Bitnami image

Compute Engine

Instance file storages and file sharing on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform - Comparison of disks and their properties on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Storage

Some less known features of Google Cloud Storage part 2 - Interesting commands for gsutil to interact with Google Cloud Storage


Plain and Simple Estimators - Explaining estimators on Iris flowers example


Generative Machine Learning on the Cloud - Description of cloud based tool to aid in generative art and synthetic image generation using Variational Autoencoder Generative Adversarial Network


How Waze tames production chaos using Spinnaker managed pipeline templates and infrastructure as code - Waze explains how Spinnaker pipeline templates solve a major issue for organizations running a lot of deployment pipelines.


Why we migrated to Firebase and GCP: Smash.gg - Smash.gg is an esports platform used by players and organizers worldwide

Big Data

Plumbing Big Data Pipelines - Qubit (provides personalization for companies when communicating with customers) describe their experience different Google Cloud Platform products


How Twizoo Runs Everything on Kubernetes - Experience with migrating to Google Container Engine and using Kubernetes

Business Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud Spanner: The next big transformation in financial services? - Why Google Cloud Spanner could be suitable cloud database for financial institutions.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #93 What's AI with Melanie Warrick

Cloud IoT

Google Cloud IoT Core Technical Deep Dive (GDD Europe '17)

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Containers, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud (GDD Europe '17)

Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform: A Guided Tour (GDD Europe '17)


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