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Cloud Shell

Cloud Shell’s code editor now in beta - Improvements for Cloud Shell - tool to write code for Google Cloud Platform straight into your browser has new features and it's reaching beta status

Big Data Machine Learning

New hands-on labs for scientific data processing on Google Cloud Platform - 7 new labs to try out Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning products to solve real-world scientific problems using a variety of public datasets.

Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Dataproc is now even faster and easier to use for running Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop - Updates and improvements for Google Cloud Dataproc

Articles, Tutorials


How Seenit uses Google Cloud Platform and Couchbase to power our video collaboration platform - Seenit, video colaboration tool is using Couchbase on Google Cloud Platform to store data for Full Text Search and Machine Learning

Machine Learning

How to build a conversational app using Cloud Machine Learning APIs, Part 1 - Creating conversational mobile app with the use of Machine Learning Products from Google Cloud Platform and API.AI

Compute Engine

Three steps to Compute Engine startup-time bliss: Google Cloud Performance Atlas - Tracking and improving boot time for Google Compute Engine VMs

Compute Engine Networking

Internal IP vs External IP Performance - Bottom line: be careful to make requests to your VMs via internal IP, not externa


Leading with commas — ugly or efficient? An investigation over 320 GB of SQL code - How to analyze SQL queries files from Github and see if they use trailing or leading comma with BigQuery


Moving GCP Projects Between IAM Organizations

Cloud Resource Manager IAM Python

Importing GCP Projects into your Organization with Python - Importing Google Cloud Platform projects under Organization resource

AWS Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

GCP vs. AWS: Where should you be running Kubernetes? - Comparing running Kubernetes on AWS and Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Dataflow

Running external libraries with Cloud Dataflow for grid-computing workloads

Google Kubernetes Engine

GKE’s “cluster-ipv4-cidr” flag - Explanation of how IP address allocation works in Google Container Engine

Cloud Storage

Alternative approach for sensitive file uploads - Discussion on ways to upload securely user files to the Google Cloud Storage


Create a Node RESTful API for Google Cloud Platform: Step 4

AWS Google Cloud Platform

Premise Google Cloud Migration - Reflection on migration from AWS to Google Cloud Platform

App Engine Business Cloud Datastore

How App Engine helped power Super Mario Run - With the help of Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore, Super Mario scaled reliably

Machine Learning

CIO’s guide to data analytics and machine learning - Capturing, preparing and analyzing data creates the foundation for successful AI initiatives. To help business and IT leaders create this virtuous cycle, Google Cloud has prepared a CIO’s guide to data analytics and machine learning that outlines key enabling technologies at each step.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #87 Customer Engineers with Jonathan Cham

Container Builder

Google Container Builder, Part 2: Multi-Step Builds

Google Cloud for Startups: Grow's Story

Google Cloud for Startups - GCP Vancouver Meetup - Amin Yazdani

Image optimization with Cloud Functions on Google Cloud Platform


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