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Google Kubernetes Engine

Container Engine now runs Kubernetes 1.7 to drive enterprise-ready secure hybrid workloads - Lots of improvements with the release of Kubernetes 1.7 on Google Container Engine

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform now open in London - Beside Frankfurt (Germany) there is now second region in Europe (London, UK)

Cloud Functions

Announcing Serverlessconf NYC ‘17! - From 8th until 11th October 2017 in New York, there will be conference on topic Serverless

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine

Going Hybrid with Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform and Nutanix - Step by step tutorial about how to set hybrid environment using Nutanix on Google Cloud Platform


Switching from SQS to Google Pub/Sub - How to switch from AWS SQS to Pub/Sub

Google Cloud Platform

Real time data processing using Google Cloud and OpenTSDB - Description of Greta.io architecture on Google Cloud Platform


How to aggregate data for BigQuery using Apache Airflow - Creating Airflow (workflow management framework that lets you programmatically create, schedule and monitor workflows using simple Python syntax) pipelines for BigQuery


The 12 Components of Google BigQuery - Overview of 12 BigQuery components (properties)


Inside Google BigQuery - Overview of BigQuery properties

Cloud Speech API

Speech to text transcription in 40 lines of Bash - Recording audio on computer and transcript into text with good old Bash

Compute Engine Docker

DNA Sequence Alignment as a Cloud Service - Creating auto scaling solution for DNA analysis with Google Compute Engine Instance groups

App Engine NodeJS

Ember FastBoot + Google App Engine - FastBoot is a library for rendering Ember.js applications in Node.js.

Compute Engine Networking

Fixing regional networking performance - Setting multi regional Google Compute Engine instances


Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets - How to configure secrets for Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine

Loot Crate unboxes Google Container Engine for new Sports Crate venture - How Loot Crate created web app on Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Storage

How to make Ubuntu backups using Duplicity and Google Cloud Storage


My experience with Firebase - Reflections on Firebase

Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions, Serverless framework and environment variables.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Container Registry

Google Container Builder Part 1 (Cloud Rolling Update)

GCP Podcast - #85 Istio with Varun Talwar and Sven Mawson


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