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Google Cloud Spanner is Generally Available, migrating to Cloud has never been faster and more...



Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud Natural Language API launches new features and Cloud Spanner graduating to GA - Cloud Natural Language API now supports 9 languages

Google Kubernetes Engine

Google Cloud Launcher adds more container support - Cloud Launcher now offers containers of opensource projects like Cassandra, ElasticSearch and others which are easily deployed on Google Cloud Platform products

Articles, Tutorials

Business GPU

Why cloud GPUs finally make sense - Shazam is company which creates application for music recognition and recently started using GPUs on Google Cloud Platform

Compute Engine GPU

GCP + GPUs + Kubernetes (and Tensorflow) - How to setup up Kubernetes GPU cluster with juju program on Google Cloud Platform

Container Builder

Building lean containers using Google Cloud Container Builder - With Cloud Container Builder and Spinnaker it's possible to have Continuous Integration pipeline which results in smaller containers.

Solution guide: Best practices for migrating Virtual Machines - Guidance and best practices for migrating computing workloads to Google Cloud Platform.

App Engine Cloud Dataflow

How to do data processing and analytics from Google App Engine with Google Cloud Dataflow - Learn how to programmatically launch Cloud Dataflow pipelines that read from Cloud Datastore directly from Google App Engine app

App Engine Resident instances and the startup time problem - Few tips about how to improve startup time for Google App Engine instance

Compute Engine Docker

Autoscaling Gitlab-CI builds on preemptible Google-Cloud instances


What BI Development Looks like with BigQuery, Google Cloud APIs, Looker and Fluentd - Examples of using BigQuery with BI tools


Let’s talk BigQuery - Short chat about BigQuery

Big Data Business

That giant sucking sound? Hadoop moving into the cloud - Companies are starting to move their Hadoop environments to Google Cloud Platform because of simplicity, stability, maturity


Top 7 Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Hosting - Kinsta is company which provides Wordpress hosting in Google Cloud Platform. They share their top 7 advantages when it comes to Google Cloud Platform


Google hails end of multi-year enterprise cloud migrations - To migrate to Google Cloud Platform doesn't require much time :)


Google Cloud: Our Commitment to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - EU General Data Protection Regulation will take effect in one year from now. Both Google (Cloud) and it's customers should be aware and prepared

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Kubernetes Engine

GCP Podcast - #75 Container Engine with Chen Goldberg

App Engine

App Engine Resident Instances and the Startup Time Problem


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