Welcome to issue #28 April 10th, 2017

Last week news were revolving around Kubernetes and Containers, what will bring us this week? 



Docker Kubernetes

Container-Optimized OS from Google is generally available - Operating System from Google tailored to run containers (on Google Cloud Platform). Pre installed with Docker and support for Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Google Container Engine fires up Kubernetes 1.6 - With 1.6 Kubernetes release 2 weeks ago is already available on Google Container Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Toward better node management with Kubernetes and Google Container Engine - Even easier use of Google Container Engine with automated node management

Machine Learning

Cloud Translation API Neural Machine Translation enters GA and adds more languages - Accuracy in Translation API is improved by Neural Machine Translation system running on TPU and is Generally Available

Stay up to speed with Cloud Launcher: more production-grade solutions, same easy-to-use service - Cloud Launcher is service which provides with few clicks deployment of popular software systems on Google Cloud Platform. Now provides deployment for even more solutions.

Google Cloud Platform partners with Elastic to offer managed open source search and analytics on GCP - Most popular search service ElasticSearch and it's hosted solution Elastic Cloud will be available on Google Cloud Platform

Articles, Tutorials

App Engine

Google App Engine Flexible (with example) - Brief overviews of Google App Engine Flexible with examples in Python

App Engine

Understanding and Profiling App Engine Cold-Boot Time - Tips and tricks about how to improve startup time for Google App Engine instances

Compute Engine

How to Install the ELK Stack on Google Cloud Platform - Step by step tutorial about how to install ElasticSearch on Google Compute Engine

Cloud Natural Language API

DeepBreath: Preventing angry emails with machine learning - Doing sentiment analysis of email drafts in Gmail with Cloud Natural Language API


Coolest features of Google Container Builder - Overview of Google Container Builder

App Engine

From Idea to Deployed on GCP in < 24hrs - Description of whole development process for application that sends by email specific person's tweets daily or weekly

Cloud Spanner

Spanner vs. Calvin: distributed consistency at scale - Design comparison for Spaner and Calving - geographically replicated, ACID, transactional database systems

Machine Learning TensorFlow

Quantifying the performance of the TPU, our first machine learning chip - TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) is chip designed for running machine learning code and it's multiple times faster than graphic processing unit or normal CPU while spending less energy


Google Cloud IAM for AWS users - IAM (Identity and Access Management) provides possibility to granularly control user access across various GCP products. This article discusses few differences of IAM management on GCP in comparison with AWS

Solution guide: Migrating your dedicated game servers to Google Cloud Platform


How to Use BigQuery for Large-Scale SEO (Or Whenever Excel Fails) - Step by step tutorial about how to start with BigQuery and use it to analyse Google Analytics data

Big Data BigQuery

BI Performance Benchmarks with Google BigQuery

Slides, Videos, Audio

Machine Learning

GCP Podcast - #71 Cloud Machine Learning Engine with Yufeng Guo

App Engine Compute Engine

Cloud Performance Atlas - Short video series about optimizing startup time for Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine

Cloud Functions Firebase

Firebase and Google Cloud Functions: Serverless Peanut Butter and Jelly


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