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We're in 2021!!! Wish you all the best in the New Year, health, personal satisfaction, professional growth, and lots of exciting projects using GCP products.

We're starting slowly, with no news and releases.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

CI DevOps Gitlab Google Kubernetes Engine Terraform

Automating DevOps Workflows with GitLab and Terraform - A full CI/CD pipeline for an app deployed on GKE.

Cloud Build Terraform

Scripting with Github Octokit in Google Cloud Build - Scripting inside the Cloud Build CI to retrieve Github data, update checks, or comment on PRs and issues.


GCP - Create & Deploy Custom Roles with YAML - Creating a custom role and deploy it using a YAML file with gcloud CLI.


Understand the management of Google Cloud Costs - An overview of different pricing types on GCP.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

CI Cloud Build Firebase

Firebase Continous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) with Google Cloud Build - Implementation of CI/CD for Firebase with Google Cloud Build.

API Firebase

Web and Mobile Backend Services Patterns - A few patterns and products to consider when developing the backend for Web and Mobile apps.

API Cloud Firestore Typescript

Designing a system for linking user accounts - Designing and implementing API for handling multiple accounts per user using Cloud Firestore as storage.

Cloud Firestore Firebase Java

How to use Cloud Firestore in Spring Boot. - Using client library to access Firestore with Spring Boot and Java.

Cloud SQL

Why Cloud SQL Makes Sense - Why you should consider using Cloud SQL instead of self-hosting your own database in Compute Engine.

Cloud Run Docker Javascript

Create a Front App immediately with Next.js on Google Cloud Run - Deploying Next.js app on Cloud Run.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Dataproc Cloud SQL Cloud Storage Machine Learning

Building a Product Recommendation Engine on Google Cloud’s Platform - Implementing recommendation engine using Cloud DataProc, Cloud SQL and Cloud Storage.

BigQuery Data Science Python

A gentle introduction to the 5 Google Cloud BigQuery APIs - An overview of BigQuery APIs / client libraries.

Big Data BigQuery

BigTips: Removing Duplicates while Maintaining Row History - Do you have late arriving facts and have a need to maintain row history while removing duplicates in BigQuery? Come look here!

BigQuery Data Science Machine Learning

K-Means Clustering in Google BigQuery ML - A complete guide on the most popular and practical clustering technique natively in Google BigQuery (database+ML).

Cloud Pub/Sub Java Kubernetes

Error handling with Google Cloud PubSub - Google Cloud PubSub now supports automatic Retries and Dead Letter handling, making it much more suitable for application messaging.

Cloud Dataproc Data Science Machine Learning

All you need to know about Google Cloud Dataproc? - Managed Hadoop & Spark #GCPSketchnote.


GCP Certification

The value of cloud certifications - Reflections on preparing and taking GCP certification exams.

GCP Certification

GCP ACE: Preparation stratergy and tips that no one shares - A study guide for Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.

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Use Cases for R on Google Cloud Platform


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