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Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Start 2020 off right with these New Year’s tech resolutions - Cloud technology changes fast, and in 2020, there’s a lot to look forward to. Here are some cloud tips and tricks to use.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Official Blog

Getting started with new table formats on Dataproc - You can now use table format projects Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake with Google Cloud’s Dataproc, built to run Hadoop systems in the cloud.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes


GCP Inter-Region Latency - A website which displays heatmap of latencies between Google Cloud Compute instances in all available regions.

Beginner Cloud Storage Terraform Tutorial

Create first GCP resource with Terraform - A brief tutorial which goes to the process of creating Cloud Storage bucket with Terraform.

Google Kubernetes Engine

The only correct way to setup a Google Kubernetes Engine - Some thoughts about security to consider when creating a GKE cluster.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Firestore Firebase

The top 10 things to know about Firestore when choosing a database for your app - Firestore has many great qualities apps that need a cloud-hosted database. But you should know these 10 things before going all-in.

AWS Cloud Storage

Intro to Transferring Files Between AWS S3 and GCS - Setting CLI to copy data between AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage.

App Engine Go

Migrating your App Engine app to Go 1.12+ - Example of code changes in the web app when updating from Go 1.11 to Go 1.12 to on Google App Engine.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Security

Connecting to MS SQL on compute in GCP using Cloud IAP. - Connect to MS SQL on Google Compute Engine using your preferred SQL management software via Cloud Identity Aware Proxy.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Python

Algorithmic Trading Automated in Python with Alpaca and Google Cloud - Example of using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions to automate stock trading.

Cloud Identity Firebase Go

Multi-tenant applications with Firebase and Google Cloud - Using the Cloud Identity Platform to create multi-tenant applications in Firebase.

Cloud Storage Compute Engine

How to mount Cloud Storage bucket with GCP compute engine - Using gcsfuse to mount Cloud Storage bucket as a disk in Compute Engine instance.

App Engine Python

Step-up your Developer skills with App Engine Part I - Create a twitter sentiment analyzing bot. Use Cloud NLP to analyze sentiment and use a corn Job to automate crawling and showing data.

Cloud Functions NodeJS Serverless

Serverless ETL on Google Cloud, a case study: raw data into JSON Lines - Using Cloud Functions and Node.js client for Google Cloud Storage to transform server log data and save in another bucket in Cloud Storage.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Javascript

BigQuery create partitioned table and load CSV with Apps Script - Work with partitioned table and upload a csv file in BigQuery with Apps Script.

Cloud Pub/Sub Docker Java

Integration testing Pub/Sub interactions in your application - Using Cloud Pub/Sub emulator for integration testing.


GCP Certification

Pass Google Certified Data Certification Exam in just 21 days of study. - Sharing resources used to prepare for Data Engineer Certification.

GCP Certification

Google Cloud Professional Architect - Overview of topics covered in the Cloud Profesional Architect Exam.


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