Welcome to issue #131 April 1st, 2019

We have one week before Cloud Next, biggest and most important conference related to Google Cloud. Before we will be overwhelmed with all cool new features and products, we can dive into various articles, for example how to save $$$ in different situations. 



BigQuery Official Blog

Migrating your traditional data warehouse platform to BigQuery: announcing the data warehouse migration offer - Easier migration of traditional data warehouses to BigQuery via service from GCP.

Cloud Firestore Firebase

Incrementing Values Atomically with Cloud Firestore - A new built-in feature which enables increasing numeric values directly in Firestore database.


How to Perform Large Deletes in the Realtime Database - A new feature in Realtime database enables deleting efficiently large datasets.


BigQuery datasource for Grafana - BigQuery datasource plugin provide support for BigQuery as a backend database.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Security

Exploring container security: the shared responsibility model in GKE - The article describes what Google does for GKE in terms of security and what users are responsible for.


Boosting your kubectl productivity - This article contains a series of tips and tricks to help you boost your kubectl productivity. At the same time, it aims at deepening your understanding of how various aspects of Kubernetes work.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Save money in your Kubernetes infrastructure while increasing its availability - Configuring Kubernetes cluster to spent least as possible, while maintaining high availability.

Google Kubernetes Engine Security

TLS Configuration in GKE the (really) simple way - Setting TLS certificate on GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Wildcard SSL using Let’s Encrypt for Kubernetes Ingress GKE - Setting wildcard Letsencrypt certificate on GKE.

Java Official Blog Serverless

Accelerate Java application development on GCP with Micronaut - Using Micronaut (Java framework) to develop serverless applications on GCP.


Hybrid Networking: Google Cloud Interconnect - An in-depth article explaining Cloud Interconnet

Beginner Firebase Javascript

Building Scalable Applications with Google Cloud Services Part 2: Google Cloud Function - Overview of Cloud Functions for Firebase.

Cloud IoT IoT Javascript

GCP-Cloud IoT Core with ESP32 and Mongoose OS — Addendum - Using "config" and "state" MQTT topics for Cloud IoT.

BigQuery Monitoring Stackdriver

Downsampling and Exporting Stackdriver Monitoring Data - This post explains how to use the Stackdriver Monitoring API to read, downsample and export data from Stackdriver to BigQuery.

Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Storage

Reducing your Google Pub/Sub costs over 95% by micro-batching with Google Cloud Storage - Practical calculation of optimizing costs for logging system built with Cloud Storage and PubSub.

Cloud Composer

Automating a Cloud Composer development environment - Scheduling Cloud Composer for a development environment.

Big Data BigQuery GCP Experience

Reflections On Designing An Enterprise Data Warehouse - Description of process for Data warehouse development on Google Cloud using BigQuery.

BigQuery Machine Learning

Getting Started with Google BigQuery’s Machine Learning — Titanic Dataset - Creating BigQuery ML model on Titanic public dataset.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Javascript

Dynamically Duplicating A BigQuery DataSet’s Tables - Pipeline to replicate data between two datasets in BigQuery.

BigQuery Official Blog

Simplify reporting with the Sheets data connector for BigQuery, and voila: automated content updates for G Suite - Example of using BigQuery connector with Google Sheets

Compute Engine GPU Tutorial

GCP and Fast Ai v1: A full setup that’ll work - The article goes through steps of setting Compute Engine VM with GPU.

Data Loss Prevention API Official Blog Security

Taking charge of your data: Understanding re-identification risk and quasi-identifiers with Cloud DLP - The article explains the risk of re-identification personal data while using Data Loss Prevention.

AWS Azure GCP Certification Google Cloud Platform

Is Google Cloud Platform worth my time? Is there demand? Questions I am asked and my responses. - Questions and answers regarding the popularity of Google Cloud with a comparison to AWS and Azure.

GCP Certification

QwikLabs Free Codes — GCP and AWS - List of all QikLabs free codes.

GCP Certification GCP Experience

Biologists use Google Cloud to advance environmental research on water treatment in Yorkshire - By moving their workflow to Google Compute Engine, researchers at the University of York were able to assemble 60 gigabases of microbial DNA in two weeks.

Google Cloud Platform

Future of cloud computing: 5 insights from new global research - Key insights from Google's report on the future of cloud computing.

Google Cloud Platform IoT Machine Learning

Google Tulip: The Technical Details - First April article with code repository.

Google Cloud Platform

Unofficial list of Google Cloud Next 19 Conference and Vendor Parties

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #168 NVIDIA T4 with Ian Buck and Kari Briski


Kubernetes Podcast - #46 Kubernetes 1.14, with Aaron Crickenberger about the release process, working with Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals (KEPs), cat t-shirts, and being bearded on face vs. at heart.


Optimizing TensorFlow Models for Serving (Google Cloud AI Huddle) - Google Cloud Solutions Architect, Lukman Ramsey, discusses technical infrastructure on how to efficiently serve TensorFlow models on Google Cloud by sharing TF model formats, optimization tools, examples and more!


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