Official Blog Partners reCAPTCHA Nov. 6, 2023

reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Descope combine no-code authentication and fraud prevention - reCAPTCHA integrates with Descope, a comprehensive platform that allows developers to add authentication and user management capabilities to their consumer and business apps.

Cloud Armor reCAPTCHA Terraform Oct. 2, 2023

Bot prevention using reCAPTCHA v3 & Cloud Armor - This blog post explains how to use reCAPTCHA Action Tokens with Cloud Armor.

Official Blog reCAPTCHA May 29, 2023

Introducing reCAPTCHA Enterprise Fraud Prevention - reCAPTCHA Enterprise’s new Fraud Prevention uses Google Cloud's fraud models, machine learning, and intelligence to help stop payment fraud.

reCAPTCHA Jan. 9, 2023

Keeping Bots outside your edge - How to protect your apps from malicious bots with Google Cloud Armor and reCaptcha Enterprise.

Official Blog Public Sector reCAPTCHA Nov. 7, 2022

Introducing reCAPTCHA Enterprise’s Mobile SDK to help protect iOS, Android apps - Mobile app usage surpasses web traffic for many enterprise customers, and our new reCAPTCHA Enterprise Mobile SDK can help protect their Android and iOS users.

Apigee Official Blog reCAPTCHA Oct. 10, 2022

How to secure APIs against fraud and abuse with reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Apigee X - This Apigee X with reCAPTCHA Enterprise proxy code guide shows exactly how to provision a reCAPTCHA proxy flow.

Official Blog reCAPTCHA June 20, 2022

Announcing general availability of reCAPTCHA Enterprise password leak detection - ReCAPTCHA Enterprise’s new password leak detection capability can help organizations stop password reuse, credential stuffing, and account takeover attacks.

Official Blog reCAPTCHA May 23, 2022

Humans or bots: a guidebook to protect from a range of digital fraud - Google Cloud reCAPTCHA Enterprise protects websites by distinguishing between humans and bots. Full-scale implementation of reCAPTCHA Enterprise solution expands on bot detection to protect public sector websites from a broad range of digital fraud. Highlights from our new reCAPTCHA Enterprise guidebook details functional enhancements and ways for government agencies to take advantage of enterprise capabilities.

Official Blog reCAPTCHA Security March 14, 2022

Protect your users’ accounts with reCAPTCHA Enterprise’s account defender - Account defender, available today in public preview, is a feature in reCAPTCHA Enterprise that analyzes the patterns of behavior for an individual account.

Official Blog reCAPTCHA Security Feb. 14, 2022

Five ways to stop automated website attacks with reCAPTCHA Enterprise - Bots threaten daily online activity for government agencies, costing billions. Reduce or eliminate the risk of automated website attacks with reCAPTCHA Enterprise.

Official Blog reCAPTCHA Security Nov. 1, 2021

reCAPTCHA Enterprise puts users first - reCAPTCHA Enterprise has evolved from requiring engagement from end users to being frictionless while still providing best-in-class security.


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