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C# Generative AI Vertex AI Feb. 19, 2024

Using Vertex AI Gemini from GAPIC libraries (C#) - This post shows how to use Vertex AI Gemini from GAPIC libraries, using C# as an example.

C# Generative AI Dec. 18, 2023

C# library and samples for GenAI in Vertex AI - These samples show how to invoke GenAI from C# for different use cases such as text classification, extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis and more using the C# client library.

.NET C# Firebase Sept. 26, 2022

Google Firebase with DotNet 6 - An overview of Firebase with some examples in C#.

C# Security Oct. 19, 2020

Using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate server Applications against Google CServices - Authenticating Service Accounts with JWT in Powershell and C#.


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