Welcome to issue #69 January 22nd, 2018

Will new Cloud AutoML eliminate the need for machine learning specialists? How many ways (not 42) exists to run periodically BigQuery jobs? What kind of hackaton projects can be created with Firebase? These and other questions are answered in today's issue.



Google Cloud Platform

Google’s infrastructure drive: Adds three new subsea cables and five regions - Google's announcement for the addition of three new undersea submarine cables and five new Cloud Platform regions.

Cloud AutoML

Cloud AutoML: Making AI accessible to every business - Democratizing and lowering barrier of entry for AI with Cloud AutoML.

Cloud AutoML

Google’s new cloud service lets you train your own AI tools, no coding knowledge required - Article from the verge describes new service.

Articles, Tutorials

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Tutorial

Running dedicated game servers in Kubernetes Engine: tutorial - Tutorial on running dedicated game servers in Kubernetes Engine.


Building deployment pipelines with GCP and Kubernetes - This articles explains common guideline on how to implement pipeline using latest Kubernetes features.

GCP Experience Kubernetes

How we run Kubernetes Engine at Travix - The article explains how Travix, an Online Travel Agency has benefitted from Kubernetes.


Core Workloads API GA - Know about Core Workloads API which was made GA in Kubernetes 1.9!


Analyzing your BigQuery usage with Ocado Technology’s GCP Census - GCP Census is a tool that collects metadata about BigQuery tables and stores it back into BigQuery for analysis.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Storage

Scheduling BigQuery jobs using Cloud Storage and Cloud Functions - Trigger BigQuery jobs periodically with Cloud Storage and Cloud Functions.

BigQuery Cloud Dataprep

How to schedule a BigQuery ETL job with Dataprep - Running periodical job in BigQuery with Cloud Dataprep


Whitepaper: Embark on a journey from monoliths to microservices - On ASP.NET application is demonstrated transition from monolithic to microservice architecture.


An example escalation policy — CRE life lessons - This post demonstrate lightly-edited SLO escalation policy and associated rationales from a Google SRE team to illustrate the trade-offs that particular teams make to maintain a high development velocity.


Firebase: Separating configuration from code in Admin SDK - This post explains that with Application Default Credentials, and the new Admin SDK initialization APIs, developers can cleanly separate Google credentials and Firebase options from their applications.


My winter of hacking on Firebase with Google products and APIs - Various projects on Firebase combined with other Google products.


How to restrict access between different groups members in Firebase Realtime Database - This post covers some of the key concepts in structuring the JSON data of Firebase Realtime Database and declaring Security rules for two-way relationships data.

Google Cloud Platform

Introduction to G-Cloud command line tool - This article give a brief introduction about “gcloud” command line tool which can be used to access the Google Cloud Resources.


From Data Center to Serverless Computing; deciding which is best - The article demonstrate analyzing pros and cons of Data Center to Serverless Computing move.


Environmental Monitoring and Presence Detection with Helium - This article goes over process of using Helium Atom Module along with Raspberry Pi to create temperature sensing, and break-beam IoT sensor.

Cloud Functions Cloud IoT Firebase

GPS/Cellular Asset Tracking using Google Cloud IoT Core, Firestore and MongooseOS - This tutorial explains building an Asset Tracker using an ESP32 microcontroller running MongooseOS, that sends data securely via Cloud IoT Core using MQTT protocol over mobile network, the data is processed in an event-based way using Firebase Cloud Function, saves the data and current device state in Firestore.

Cloud Functions

Why you should use TypeScript for writing Cloud Functions - Learn about benefits of using TypeScript for development with Cloud Functions.

Cloud Functions

Getting Started Google Cloud Functions with PubSub by gcloud cli - Tutorial to get started Google Cloud Functions with PubSub by gcloud cli

Google Cloud Platform

Where Google Cloud is going wrong - Insights on statement that "despite a solid cloud product, Google Cloud Platform is struggling to find its audience."

Google Cloud Platform

Building a Virtual World Worthy of Sci-Fi - Find more on the second episode of Build Out, Colt McAnlis and Reto Meier were given the challenge of designing a global metaverse.

Google Cloud Platform

How to Become a Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer in under a week! - Resources to prepare for Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification.

GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform

Running Windows on Google Cloud - Experience of Travix , an Online Travel Agency using Google Cloud migration for older applications written in C# running on Windows VMs.

GCP Experience

My experience with GCP - Description of personal experience with Google Cloud Platform.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #110 Learn about the CPU vulnerabilities, Spectre & Meltdown, and how Google coordinated and managed security with the broader community.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Podcast - #109 Cloud AutoML Vision with Amy Unruh and Sara Robinson.


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