Welcome to issue #56 October 23rd, 2017

In this issue, check out how Google Cloud Platform products and services can be used to create modern weather station or Google Home app.



Data Loss Prevention API

New ways to manage sensitive data with the Data Loss Prevention API - Data Loss prevention API got new de-identification tools

Compute Engine

21 new open-source solutions available from Google Cloud Launcher - Favorite open source solutions are available with one click

Ruby Stackdriver

Now, you can monitor, debug and log your Ruby apps with Stackdriver - Now you can use Stackdriver in your Ruby projects not only on GCP but also on AWS and in your own data center.

Articles, Tutorials


API design: Choosing between names and identifiers in URLs - Discussion about different ways how to design API's urls.


Accessing Google Cloud APIs though a Proxy - Article describes how to set up proxy for Google Cloud client libraries in different programming languages.

Cloud Endpoints

Running Google Cloud Endpoints Extensible Service Proxy (ESP) locally on macOS - Running Google Cloud Endpoints Extensible Service Proxy on macOS locally has some caveats, this article describes how to bypass them.

Firebase PHP

Google Cloud Firestore Document CRUD with PHP - Examples how to use Cloud Firestore with PHP.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Let’s talk Deployments with Google Home, CircleCI and Google Container Engine - Make deployments with voice command using Google Home

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Resize Persistent Disk in Google Container Engine - Since Kubernetes doesn't yet support automated way to support resizing of persistent disks in Google Container Engine, this article describes steps which need to be done to resize persistent disk.

BigQuery Cloud IoT Data Studio Firebase IoT

Build a Weather Station using Google Cloud IoT Core and MongooseOS - Building end to end prototype of weather station using Google Cloud Platform.


Accelerate BigQuery solution development with intelligent log analysis - With Stackdriver it's possible to see BigQuery errors by creating a logs based metric for the error which we want to detect, then set up alerts.

Cloud Datalab TensorFlow

Exploring TensorFlow samples in Google Cloud Datalab - Training Tensorflow models using Cloud Datalab

Cloud Storage

Transferring Big Data Sets to Cloud Platform - High-level overview of ways to transfer data to Cloud Storage, helps with choosing the best method and covers best practices for digital network transfers.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage & Large Object upload speeds - Article explains how to speed up upload of big files to Google Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage - Article explains basic terminology for Google Cloud Storage as well as basic operations.

Business Security

Turns out, security drives cloud adoption — not the other way around - Link to report which looks at security implications encountered by enterprises as they move more of their workloads to the cloud.


Looking back on our migration from bare metal to GCP: Sentry - Story about how Sentry (open-source error tracking) migrated from bare metal to Google Cloud Platform

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #99 Cloud Functions and Firebase Hosting with David East


Natural Language Generation at Google Research


Google Cloud on Intel® IoT Gateway Technology

Cloud Dataflow

Streaming Pipelines 101 with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform with Earth Engine


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