Welcome to issue #52 September 25th, 2017

So many exciting news in this issue, I suggest to read them all :)



Compute Engine

Committed use discounts for Google Compute Engine now generally available - Committed use discounts are ideal for predictable, steady-state use of Google Compute Engine instances. They require no upfront payments and allow you to purchase a specific number of vCPUs and a total amount of memory for up to 57% off normal prices.

Compute Engine GPU

Introducing faster GPUs for Google Compute Engine - New NVIDIA P100 GPUs are introduced as well as sustained discount for GPUs

Google Cloud Platform

GCP arrives in South America with launch of São Paulo region! - First datacenter in South America

NodeJS Stackdriver

Announcing Stackdriver Debugger for Node.js - With Stackdriver Debugger for Node JS it's possible to debug deployed Node JS code


Announcing IPv6 global load balancing GA - With this launch, your IPv6 clients can connect to an IPv6 load balancing VIP (Virtual IP)

Cloud Natural Language API

Read between the lines with Cloud Natural Language’s new recognition features - New features: automatic content classification and analysis of sentiment of entities.


Streaming Google Analytics Data for BigQuery - Data from Google Analytics can be now streamed every 10 minutes to BigQuery

Google Cloud Platform

Cloudflare and Google Offer App Developers $100,000 in Cloud Platform Credits - Cloudfare offers different amounts of $$$ for startups to spent on Google Cloud Platform

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Endpoints

More secure hybrid cloud deployments with Google Cloud Endpoints - How to secure APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints.

Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure

HashiCorp and Google expand collaboration, easing secret and infrastructure management - How products from HashiCorp (Cloud Infrastracture Automation) can be used on Google Cloud Platform

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Global ingress in practice on Google Container Engine — Part 1: Discussion - Discussion of challenges faced when deploying Federated Kubernetes cluster.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Global ingress in practice on Google Container Engine — Part 2: Demo - Deploying real application based on previous article

Google Kubernetes Engine Ruby

Improving Rails application page load times on Google Container Engine using CloudCDN - Connecting CDN to application running on Google Container Engine

App Engine

F# on Google Cloud Platform - Even F# can be deployed on Google App Engine (Flexible)


Using Deployment Manager to automate the creation of GCP’s Shared VPC - Deployment Manager use case

Compute Engine

Scaled VM: Quick Walkthrough - 4 articles on how to set up scalable VMs

Cloud Natural Language API

Google Natural Language vs Watson Natural Language Understanding - Comparison of new Natural Language API features with IBM Watson Natural Langage API


Twitter Analytics (Part 1) - Streaming data from Twitter into BigQuery


Getting Started Accessing the HTTP Archive with BigQuery - Starting with BigQuery by analyzing http archive (public dataset)

Visualizing your model using TensorBoard

Machine Learning TensorFlow

How Machine Learning with TensorFlow Enabled Mobile Proof-Of-Purchase at Coca-Cola - How Coca Cola is using Tensorflow to read coupons from caps


Getting Started w/ PHP on GCP - How to setup PHP and use it on Google Cloud Platform


Getting Started w/ Java on GCP - How to start with Java (with example)


Competitive Sales Battlecard for Google Cloud Platform’s Retail and Commerce Solution - Key points / advantages of Google Cloud Platform

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #95 Sourcegraph with Quinn Slack. (Sourcegraph provides navigation tools for source code, and it’s powered by Go and Google Cloud Platform)

Cloud Next 17 Amsterdam - Videos from Cloud Next Amsterdam which was in June 2017

Cloud Next 17 Madrid - Videos from Cloud Next Madrid (in Spanish) from June 2017


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