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Cloud Resource Manager IAM

Enterprise identity made easy in Google Cloud Platform with Cloud Identity - The same identity management features used for years in G Suite will be made available for free to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers to manage their developers online with Cloud Identity.

Nutanix and Google Cloud team up to simplify hybrid cloud - Nutanix is a cloud computing software company that sells what it calls hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) appliances and software-defined storage.

App Engine Java

Google App Engine standard now supports Java 8 - Java 8 has now beta availability on App Engine standard environment.

Cloud Vision API Video Intelligence API

Cloud Machine Learning Perception services updates: Cloud Video Intelligence enters beta and Cloud Vision gets new features - Cloud Video Intelligence is open to everyone with known pricing. Cloud Vision API has few improvements like web detection which is powered by Google Image Search

Articles, Tutorials

Cloud Endpoints

Versioning APIs at Google - Article about Google's approach to API versioning

Cloud Natural Language API Firebase

Building a realtime Twitter sentiment dashboard with Firebase and NLP - The demo displays a realtime stream of tweets on a particular topic with the parts of speech and sentiment of the latest tweet, along with some aggregate data on all the tweets seen so far.

Big Data Cloud Dataflow

Introducing Cloud Dataflow Shuffle: For up to 5x performance improvement in data analytic pipelines

Big Data Cloud Bigtable

How Qubit deduplicates streaming data at scale with Google Cloud Platform - How Qubit solved issue regarding duplicated streaming data using Google Cloud Platform products

Cloud IoT

Solution guide: Building connected vehicle apps with Cloud IoT Core - Example of architecture to handle ingress, analytics of data fro vehicles using Google Cloud Platform products.

Infrastructure Teradata

Defining a Reference Architecture for Teradata-to-Google Cloud Platform Data Warehouse Conversions - Describing an architectural framework for conversions of data warehouses from Teradata to the Google Cloud Platform.


Whack-a-pod: The Kubernetes cluster whack-a-mole game - Story behind The Kubernetes cluster whack-a-mole game

PubSub Stackdriver

gSlack: Integrating Google Cloud Platform with Slack

Docker Go Kubernetes

Go, Docker, Google Cloud: A Microservice HOWTO - Step by step tutorial about how to setup and deploy Go application on Kubernetes cluster

Run TeamCity CI builds in Google Cloud - TeamCity is Continuous Integration platform from JetBrains, includes now integration with Google Cloud services


Connecting Jenkins CI to VM-Based Application


Google Stakes Its Future on a Piece of Software - Story about Tensorflow and it's impact

Slides, Videos, Audio

Big Data

GCP Podcast - #83 Public Datasets with Mike Hamberg and Will Curran

Install Odoo Server on Cloud Google Platform


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