Welcome to issue #38 June 19th, 2017

In today's issue hot topic is logging on Google Cloud Platform. Check out articles about Stackdriver to see how to log data from different Google Cloud Platform products



Google Cloud Platform

New Singapore GCP region – open now - Singapore region (Southeast Asia) is officially opened


Add log statements to your application on the fly with Stackdriver Debugger Logpoints - With Stacdriver Logpoints, it's possible to add logging straight into code without deployment


SORACOM announces new integration with Google Cloud Platform - Integrated adapter to connect to Cloud Pub/Sub or Cloud IoT

Articles, Tutorials

Kubernetes Stackdriver

Distributed Tracing with Zipkin, Stackdriver Trace in Kubernetes - Using Zipkin (distributed tracing system) to send info to Stackdriver Trace in Kubernetes cluster


How to log your application on Google Compute Engine - Using fluentd (open source data collector) to log into Stackdriver Logging from Google Compute Engine instance

Cloud Dataflow

Guide to common Cloud Dataflow use-case patterns - Patterns for streaming and batch data pipelines based on real life examples for Google Cloud Dataflow

Big Data Cloud Dataflow

Visualization and large-scale processing of historical weather radar (NEXRAD Level II) data - Processing historical weather data for visualization with Cloud Dataflow

Container Registry

GCR.io Tips & Tricks - Tips and tricks for better work with Google Container Registry

Cloud Storage NodeJS

Uploading to Google Cloud Storage from Node.js - Step by step tutorial how to upload file to Google Cloud Storage from NodeJS app

Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Speech API TensorFlow

Build your own machine-learning-powered robot arm using TensorFlow and Google Cloud - Description of a robot arm that listens for a voice request with your preferred flavor of candy, selects and picks up a piece of candy with that particular flavor from a table, and serves it to you via Google Cloud products and services


Supercharge your Computer Vision models with the TensorFlow Object Detection API - Tensorflow is extended with Object Detection API

Cloud Datastore Cloud Pub/Sub Docker

Using Google Cloud Emulators in Integration Tests - Using Datastore and Pub/Sub emulators for local testing Docker containers with Test Containers library


The top five tech reasons we run financial services in Google Cloud - Auka offers services and products for banks


What should Google Cloud do to succeed in the enterprise space? - Thoughts about things Google should focus on in order to leading cloud provider


Cloud Computing Hits a Tipping Point - Thoughts about current state of cloud computing

Slides, Videos, Audio

Cloud Dataflow

GCP Podcast - #81 Cloud Dataflow with Frances Perry


A twitter bot and systemd (that runs free on GCP) - Building a Twitter bot that will retweet all tweets containing specific hash tag

AWS Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud for AWS Professionals - Discussion on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, similarities and differences between platforms


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