Welcome to issue #24 March 13th, 2017

Most important event last week (and in entire year) is certainly Google Cloud Next, annual 3 days long conference focused on Google Cloud. If not anything else, look at the 100 announcements regarding Google Cloud. In the rest of newsletter, there are articles mostly related to announcements and insights from conference. On Youtube channel there are keynote videos plus videos from all 200 sessions.  




Google Cloud Container Builder: a fast and flexible way to package your software - Google Cloud Container Builder is service for creating build processes as well as building Docker images

Reimagining support for Google Cloud Platform: new pricing model and partnerships - Improved (paid) support for GCP clients. Offers more flexibility as well predictability regarding costs

Welcome Kaggle to Google Cloud - Google acquired Kaggle, platform for community of data and machine learning enthusiasts.

Partnering to bring Windows workloads to Google Cloud Platform - Google works really hard that Windows ecosystem is not left behind in terms of support. New partner company should help out

Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Platform bolsters support for relational databases - PostgresSQL, most popular open source relational database is available as managed service as part Cloud SQL product

Google Cloud Platform: your Next home in the cloud - Brief summary of most important things from Cloud Next

BigQuery Cloud SQL

Alooma Provides Real-Time Data Pipelines to Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery

Articles, Tutorials

Google Next 2017 Conference: Part 1 - Four part review about Next event

Google Next 2017 Conference: Part 2

Google Next 2017 Conference: Part 3

Google Next 2017 Conference: Part 4

Google Next Day 1 keynotes

Google Next Day 2 Keynotes

Google’s Cloud Platform improves its free tier and adds always-free compute and storage services

Google’s uncomfortable turn as enterprise IT vendor

Why Google’s Answer to AWS Reserved Instances is a Big Deal

AWS Reserved Instances vs. Google Committed Use Discounts - of course Google comes out as cheaper solution for these cases

Big Data

Visualizing Big Data with Google Cloud

App Engine

Rails on App Engine: Tips and Tricks


Google Firebase middleware in the cloud called Functions (beta) is now available - Brief overview of Firebase functions


Using the Cloud for Web Security — What You Need to Know

Google Job Search API

An Overview of Yik Yak’s Migration to Google Cloud Platform - Yik Yak is social network, they moved recently from AWS to GCP

Cloud Vision API

We compared the 3 best image analysis API’s — here’s what we learned - TLDR each image service has it's strengths and weaknesses

Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud Spanner: our first impressions - Guys from company OpenCredo share their insights regarding Spanner

Cloud Dataflow Dataflow TensorFlow

Training Multiple Models of TensorFlow using Dataflow

The Top 50 Google Cloud Influencers - Checkout list of people who you should follow on Twitter regarding Google Cloud Platform

Slides, Videos, Audio

Videos from Google Cloud Next - Videos are divided into sections based on topics


London Adapt or Die: Kubernetes, Containers and Cloud - The MoD Story


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