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Mainframe Official Blog Feb. 19, 2024

Why mainframe migration is more than technology transformation - Read more about how Google Cloud approaches mainframe modernization.

Mainframe Official Blog March 20, 2023

Mitigate mainframe migration risks with Dual Run - Google's Dual Run is packaged with several automation components to make your mainframe migration journey predictable and low risk.

BigQuery Data Analytics Mainframe Official Blog July 18, 2022

Moving data from the mainframe to the cloud made easy - The bigquery-zos-mainframe-connector makes migrating from mainframe to cloud easy by providing gsutil and bq equivalent utilities for the mainframe.

Mainframe Official Blog May 16, 2022

Minimalizing the mainframe - The importance of removing obsolete and inactive components from the mainframe application inventory and discusses the various strategies to do that.

Mainframe Official Blog March 14, 2022

Micro Focus Enterprise Server blueprint available for Google Cloud - Micro Focus Enterprise Server Google Cloud blueprint performs an automated deployment of Enterprise Server inside a new VPC or existing VPC.


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