Welcome to issue #66 January 1st, 2018

With first day in new year comes new issue. Probably becasue of holidays in between, there is not much content :) Let see what will New Year bring. I wish you lot of personal and business success in 2018.


Articles, Tutorials

What a year! Google Cloud Platform in 2017 - Review some of the most memorable Google Cloud Platform product announcements, white papers and how-tos.

Cloud Functions Serverless

Building Your Next Serverless Application: The Complete Guide. - Creating serverless chatbot with different functionalities using Google Cloud Functions.

Go Stackdriver

How to use Stackdriver to monitor custom application metrics - Monitoring internal application events, like throughput of specific types of events, multi-step transaction duration or a total end-to-end pipeline performance with Stackdriver custom metrics.

BigQuery Docker Tutorial

Stop Worrying & Face Facts: You Can Do Data Pipelines Like A Boss With Speedy Google BigQuery Platform - Step by step tutorial to create service for BigQuery tasks.

Cloud SQL

Create Read-Only users on Postgresql - Some tips working with Postresql on Google Cloud SQL.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Google Cloud Platform

The head of Google Cloud Platform’s technical infrastructure on the future of cloud - Interview with Url Hölzle


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