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With Open in Cloud Shell button or Community Tutorials, getting started on Google Cloud Platform is getting easier.



Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL adds high availability and replication - Beside high availability support for PostreSQL, additional enhancements include database instance cloning and higher performance instances with up to 64 vCPU cores and 416GB of RAM. Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL is also now part of the Google Cloud Business Associates Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA covered customers.

Cloud Shell

Introducing Open in Cloud Shell, a new way to create frictionless tutorials - Even quicker launching of code samples with automatic Github cloning of repository and loading straight to Cloud Shell.

Google Cloud Platform

Learn, connect and share with Community Tutorials - In case you have some example of using one of Google Cloud Platform products worth sharing with others , it's possible to write Community Tutorial

Cloud Storage

Commvault and Google Cloud partner on cloud-based data protection and simpler “lift and shift” to the cloud - Commvault is a company which offers enterprise-proven data protection and management currently now also for all four Google Cloud Platform storage classes: Coldline, Nearline, Regional and Multi-Regional.

Cloud Dataprep

Scheduling and sampling arrive for Google Cloud Dataprep - Google Cloud Dataprep got some new nice features, like new UI

Articles, Tutorials


5 steps to better GCP network performance - How to make small configuration changes, location updates or architectural changes that can inadvertently limit the networking performance of system on Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Google Cloud Platform

AWS vs. Google Cloud Platform: which cloud service provider to choose - Comparing some aspects of AWS and GCP.

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage : What bucket class for the best performance? - Explanation of Regional and Multi Regional buckets.

Cloud SQL

Enable Emojis in MySQL on Google Cloud - Changing character encoding in Cloud (My)SQL.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Introducing Argo support for Google Container Engine (GKE), Minikube, and Docker - Argo is an open source container-native workflow engine for Kubernetes. Run workflows ranging from continuous integration to lifecycle management of distributed applications.

App Engine

What’s not to love about Google App Engine? - Questions that worries many: Why is Google App Engine not more popular?

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Architecture for the Impatient | Part I - Brief discussion of minimum products and requirements for architecting on Google Cloud Platform like VMs, Networking etc.

Google Cloud Platform

Transforming Digital Data at Sage.com - Description of process of moving marketing company to Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Functions

Introduction to the Telegram Bot API, Part 2 - Using Telegram bot API with Google Cloud Functions.


Visualizing BigQuery jobs with Stackdriver, Cloud Functions, Firebase and Pub/Sub - Simple command-line utility as well as web application to let you view the currently running queries as well as some of the history.


How to speed up performance and save cost implementing Google Firestore Functions?

Go Stackdriver

Go logger with Kubernetes Stackdriver format compatibility

Slides, Videos, Audio


GCP Podcast - #102 Smart Parking and IoT Core

Building a Chatbot with Dialogflow and GCP


Cloud Native with Spring Boot on Google Cloud Platform


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