Welcome to issue #58 November 6th, 2017

In this issue, network improvements in Google Cloud, overview of new things in Firebase and articles to broaden Kubernetes and BigQuery knowledge.



Google Cloud Platform

GCP arrives in India with launch of Mumbai region - Who knows which in order new region this year.


Andromeda 2.1 reduces GCP’s intra-zone latency by 40% - The new Andromeda 2.1 stack delivers noteworthy reductions in VM-to-VM network latency.


Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect gets global routing, more locations, and is GA - Dedicated Interconnect, which helps enable fast private connections to Google Cloud Platform from numerous facilities across the globe is now Generally Available.


What’s new at Firebase Dev Summit 2017 - Article summarizes most important Firebase news from Firebase summit.

Articles, Tutorials


Building a Garden that Cares for Itself - How smart gardens powered by Google Cloud Platform could look like.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Talking a good DevOps game: Google Container Engine deployments, Kubernetes Dashboards and Google Home - Deeper overview about organizing deployment to Google Container Engine and creating custom Kubernetes Dashboards.


Kubernetes the Easy Way - Article goes through basic steps of creating cluster and deploying application with rolling update.

Kubernetes Security

Securing Software Supply Chain with Grafeas - In this article example of using Grefeas (an open source initiative to define a uniform way for auditing and governing the modern software supply chain) with Kubernetes is demonstrated on sample application.


Whack a Pod Update - Setting Kubernetes application to run on Minicube.


Kubernetes Best Practices - Kubernetes best practices is simple short sentences.


Scheduling Bigquery jobs using google apps script - Using Google Apps scripting in Spreadsheets, it's possible to run queries on BigQuery in specific time.


Google Patents Public Datasets: connecting public, paid, and private patent data - In BigQuery dataset, there are 90 million patent publications.


Streaming with Redis — BigQuery - Demonstrating BigQuery streaming capability with pulling data from Redis.


Patch and Update Table — BigQuery - Article shows example of updating BigQuery table with Python script.

Cloud Storage

Optimal size of a Cloud Storage Fetch - Finding out how requested chunk size affects download speed from Google Cloud Storage.

Machine Learning

Demystifying ML: How machine learning is used for speech recognition - Another article about how machine learning can be used to solve common problems, like speech recognition.

Cloud Vision API

OCR for password detection in video frames - Comparing Tesseract OCR, OCR Space, Google Cloud Vision API for detecting passwords in videos.


Object Detection: Tensorflow and Google Cloud Platform - Step by step process of setting up Tensorflow and Cloud ML to train dataset for pets detection.


A detailed look at why mabl Chose Google Cloud Platform (GCP) over AWS - In depth overview of decision process and comparing products between AWS and Google Cloud Platform for Mabl, company which using Machine Learning to improve automated testing.


Pozible runs one of APAC’s largest reward-based crowdfunding platforms - Customer story: How crowdfunding platform is using Google Cloud Platform.


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