Welcome to issue #48 August 28th, 2017

Networking on Google Cloud Platform will have two tiers: Standard and Premium and App Engines get easier interface to handle blocking IPs




Introducing Network Service Tiers: Your cloud network, your way - New network tier currently in closed Alpha, offers possibility to use degraded network connection for lower price

App Engine

Introducing App Engine firewall, an easy way to control access to your app - Easier blocking of requests from undesired IPs with Google App Engine Firewall, now in Beta

App Engine Go

Introducing Marvin: A go-kit server for the App Engine Standard Environment - Marvin provides common tools and structure for services being built on Google App Engine by leaning heavily on go-kit libraries

Articles, Tutorials


Rolling your own private Ruby gem server on Google Cloud Platform - With google-cloud-gemserver gem, making it possible to deploy a private Ruby gem server to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a single command:

Cloud Dataflow

Guide to common Cloud Dataflow use-case patterns, Part 2 - Second post of open-ended series about the most common patterns for Cloud Dataflow deployments

Cloud Dataflow Stackdriver

Analyzing errors in Cloud Dataflow with Stackdriver Error Reporting - In the article on concrete example is explained how Stackdriver Error Reporting helps monitor and debug Cloud Dataflow jobs

BigQuery Windows

Guide to using Google BigQuery on Microsoft PowerShell - run BigQuery commands & queries straight from Windows PowerShell


From data to insights: Preview a new Google Cloud training course for SQL analytics - Preview of content of course: From Data to Insights with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions global scope - TLDR: global scope is per “serverless” instance not per function invocation.

App Engine

Moving The New York Times Games Platform to Google App Engine - Description of experience migrating New York Times crossword to Google App Engine


Stackdriver Advanced Filters - How to use Stackdriver advance filters

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes NodeJS

Deploy Parse Server and Parse-Dashboard on Google Cloud Platform with Container Engine - Step by step description of deploying Parse server with Kubernetes on Google Container Engine

Cloud Storage

Launch Your Static Website on Google Cloud - Step by step tutorial about setting static website on Google Cloud Storage

Compute Engine Networking

The Bandwidth Delay Problem - How adjusting TCP window sizes influence server bandwidth

Cloud Functions

A Comprehensive Guide to Google Cloud Functions - Article describes basic aspects and properties of Google Cloud Functions


Thoughts on Google Cloud’s Network Service Tiers


Titan in depth: Security in plaintext - Article about how Google handles security on hardware level

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #91 The Future of Media with Machine Learning with Amit Pande

Cloud Storage

Uploading multiple files to Google Cloud Storage

Machine learning at scale with Google Cloud Platform


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