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Compute Engine Stackdriver

Better VM Rightsizing Recommendations with the Stackdriver Agent - Using Stackdriver agent to monitor Virtual Machine, more precise metrics for size of CPU and RAM can be gained.

Cloud Endpoints

Manage your gRPC APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints - Google Cloud Endpoints now offer possibility to serve also gRPC

NAB 2017: Rendering updates to GCP - At the National Association of Broadcasters conference Google Cloud Platform introduced several news to Zync Render platform including cut pricing

Articles, Tutorials

AWS Cloud Endpoints

Going multi-cloud with Google Cloud Endpoints and AWS Lambda - Example for to Bridge AWS and Google Cloud Platform with Google Cloud Endpoints

App Engine

App Engine, Scheduler settings, and instance count. - Thorough experiments and tuning regarding Google App Engine Scheduler and instance count

App Engine

Things that sucks in Google App Engine - Few things you should be aware if you are starting using Google App Engine

App Engine Firebase

Firebase Authentication on Google App Engine - Short aticle about how to setup Firebase Auth on Google App Engine

Cloud Dataproc

How Feature Engineering can help you do well in a Kaggle competition - Part I - Using Google Cloud Platform for Kaggle challenge

Google Cloud Shell, the free playground - Google Cloud Shell is fun and useful

The Making of a 100% Google Powered Microservice Architecture — Part 1 - Creating blog API using microservice architecture

The Making of a 100% Google Powered Microservice Architecture — Part 2

App Engine BigQuery

How to build a BI dashboard using Google Data Studio and BigQuery - Use case for visualization of data from BigQuery with Google Data Studio


Top 5 tips for migrating your data warehouse to Google BigQuery - Main points from article bellow Framework for migrating your data warehouse to Google BigQuery


Framework for migration your data warehouse to Google BigQuery - Everything you need to know when migrating to BigQuery... 20 page description

Google Kubernetes Engine Security

Google Cloud IAP and GKE - Overview of securing Container Engine service with Cloud IAP (Identity-Aware Proxy)


How New York Times Embraces New Technology - New York Times is embracing Google Cloud


Google Cloud Boss Diane Greene Wants To Be Ahead Of Amazon By 2022 - Google could be #1 Cloud provider. Take a note on this and lets see in 5 years! :)


Google is aiming to steal Amazon cloud customers in the media industry

Slides, Videos, Audio

Video Intelligence API

GCP Podcast - #74 Cloud Video Intelligence API with Sara Robinson

App Engine

App Engine Instance Count and Scheduler Settings

Using Terraform to Build a Hybrid Cloud

Compute Engine

High Availability in GCE

Cloud Functions

Build chatbots with api.ai and Google cloud functions


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