Welcome to issue #29 April 17th, 2017

In this issue: few articles demonstrating that with BigQuery it's possible to analyze whatever data. Beside that interesting views on Serverless  



Cloud Functions Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage introduces Cloud Pub/Sub notifications - Now Cloud Storage can register changes by sending change notifications to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic

Automating project creation with Google Cloud Deployment Manager - With Google Cloud Deployment Manager now not only is possible to manage specific GCP resources / products but whole projects!!! Create projects based on templates

Articles, Tutorials


The state of Ruby on Google Cloud Platform - Support for Ruby on Google Cloud Platform doesn't stay behind

Going #Serverless on Google Cloud Platform - Discussion/view of Serverless products in context of Google Cloud Platform

Serverless isn’t the Evolution of Compute - Another look on Serverless computing

Video Intelligence API

Analyze your videos in a few lines of code - Source code for demo for Video Intelligence API from Next '17 keynote.

Next '17 Handbook - All important from what was told and shown on Next 2017, now available as nice E-book

Cloud SQL

Postgres is Incredibly Awesome - and why you should use it within Cloud SQL on Google Cloud Platform

App Engine

App Engine Startup time and the Global Variable problem - Another article focused on tuning App Engine startup times


Fun with BigQuery and R — Building a Google Analytics Alternate - Short tutorial about how to start with BigQuery and R


How to do cross-platform analytics with Google BigQuery - Namely Google Analytics 360 and Firebase Analytics


The top GitHub projects per country - What is the most popular Github project in every country? You can find out by analyzing Github data with BigQuery


Email Logs in BigQuery

Cloud Functions NodeJS

Building your first Action for Google Home (part 2) - Using Cloud Functions to create custom Action for Google Home. Here is first part Building your first Action for Google Home (in 30 minutes)


Nothing is Safer than Cloud - View on security of data in the cloud. Bottom line: End users are biggest threat to security :)

Google Cloud OnAir Webinar Series - 12 webinars related to Google Cloud Platform with online Q&A from May 2nd to 5th

Machine Learning

Survey says: Machine learning happening now and paying off - done by MIT Technology Review Custom in partnership with Google Cloud

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #72 Customer Reliability Engineering with Luke Stone

Google Cloud Platform Online Meetup #9 - Making RBAC in Kubernetes Cool

AWS vs Google Cloud - Difference between Amazon AWS and Google Cloud

Streaming data pipelines with Apache Beam and Google Cloud

Cloud Storage

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Storage Deep Dive

Make The Cloud Work For You - Easy, fast and low-cost streaming with Apache Flink on Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Networking Deep Dive


Resilient microservices with kubernetes


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