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GCP Experience Official Blog Vertex AI Vertex AI Search March 11, 2024

eBay accelerates its AI-driven recommendation engine with Vertex AI - By implementing Google Cloud Vertex AI and Vector Search, Ebay accelerated engineering velocity and generated more advanced models to deliver better results to their customers.

Cloud Run Cloud Storage Official Blog Vertex AI Search Feb. 5, 2024

Automate public website indexing for efficient semantic search with Vertex AI - In this blog post you will learn the power of vector search and additionally, you will explore techniques for rapid ingestion of unstructured data, such as web pages, to enhance your search and chat systems efficiently.

Official Blog Vertex AI Search Nov. 6, 2023

Build your own gen AI-powered vector search applications with Vertex AI Search - Introducing new features and improvements to Vertex AI Search.

Official Blog Vertex AI Vertex AI Search Nov. 6, 2023

Vertex AI Search adds new generative AI capabilities and enterprise-ready features


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