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Cloud Firewall Networking Official Blog June 3, 2024

FQDN filtering in Cloud Next Generation Firewall: A complete guide - The new FQDN feature in Cloud Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) allows users to specify domain names (like www.google.com) in firewall rules, simplifying management and eliminating the need to track IP addresses. FQDNs offer improved reliability, ease of use, and enhanced security by reducing the impact of IP address changes and mitigating DNS spoofing attacks. With FQDN objects, users can create more flexible and precise firewall rules, enhancing network security while simplifying management.

Cloud Firewall Networking Official Blog Oct. 30, 2023

What’s new with Cloud Firewall Standard - A General Availability of the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) feature for Cloud Firewall.

Cloud Firewall Official Blog Oct. 9, 2023

Introducing Google Cloud Firewall Plus with intrusion prevention

Cloud Firewall Networking Official Blog June 12, 2023

Announcing general availability of Cloud Firewall threat intelligence and geo-location features - Four new Cloud Firewall features are now generally available, including threat intelligence, geo-location objects, address groups, and local IP ranges.

Cloud Firewall Official Blog June 12, 2023

How to easily migrate your on-premises firewall rules to Cloud Firewall policies - Migrating an on-prem firewall or firewall appliance configuration to Google Cloud can be daunting. It requires thinking about security and segmentation with a different mindset.

Cloud Firewall Networking Security June 12, 2023

Strengthening Network Security: Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) egress Filtering with GCP Firewall Policy - This blog post goes through the process of implementing FQDN egress filtering in GCP using FQDN objects in the firewall policy rules.


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