Welcome to issue #9, November 28 2016

last week there were not much offical news and announcements but there were few articles about Cloud generally and were GPC has it's place



Welcome Qwiklabs to Google Cloud - we should look forward for new learning resources regarding GCP


Articles, Tutorials

9 new ways that Google Cloud Machine Learning can help businesses

What is Google Cloud Deployment Manager and how to use it

Real-time data visualization and machine learning for London traffic analysis - check out links at the bottom to read in more detail implementation 

Infrastructure as Code in Google Cloud - example of how to manage GCP resources via Terraform

Google cloud consulting service a two-way street

Cloud Battle Gets More Intelligent

AWS vs Google Cloud Platform vs Microsoft Azure: Cloud pricing continues to lack enterprise credentials

Why Kubernetes may be a bigger threat to Amazon than Google's cloud


Videos, Slides

GCP podstast episode 53 - this time about Ruby on GCP

Java on Google Cloud Platform - how to use on App, Compute, Container Engine


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