Welcome to issue #8, November 21 2016


Google Cloud, HEPCloud and probing the nature of Nature - GCP will be used to analyse data from Large Hadron Collider

Announcing GPUs for Google Cloud Platform - (Finally) Graphics Processing Units will be available early in 2017

Google Cloud Machine Learning family grows with new API, editions and pricing - New Machine Learning group at GCP, Google Cloud Jobs API, Natural Language API is GA and many more... Cloud Machine learning is growing fast.

Google Cloud to join .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group - we can expect even more support of .NET on GCP

Google App Engine Flexible goes Beta - checkout breaking changes / improvements / pricing

Power up your Google Compute Engine VMs with Intel’s next generation, Custom Cloud Xeon Processor

Google and Intel announce strategic alliance to accelerate cloud adoption in the enterprise

Founding Members of Kubernetes Team create Company, Heptio, to bring Kubernetes and Containers to the Enterprise


Articles, Tutorials

Bringing cloud-based rendering to the animation industry with ZYNC Render

Google Cloud is 50% cheaper than AWS

Empathybot Is a Raspberry Pi Robot That Reads Your Emotions and Responds

Google Cloud ML Brings a Unique Angle to the Machine Learning Cloud

How moving from Pub/Sub to AVRO saved us $38,976/year

Google BigQuery, and Why Big Data is About to Have its GMail Moment

Streaming Prebid to Google BigQuery

Making Sense of Unstructured Data with Google Cloud Natural Language API 

Deploying JFrog Artifactory SaaS on Google Cloud Platform


Videos, Slides

Shortening the feedback loop (at Spotify)

CloudML talk at DevFest Madurai 2016

Warehousing MongoDB Data using Apache Beam and BigQuery


Problems, Questions

Dispatching to the new Flex VMs (beta) not working. 

Which App Engine Maven Plugin to use?

Does Google Console create a large temp file?

Allow broswer to download images from Google Cloud Storage?

Table partitioning scheme with load job configuration

Appending instead of overwriting table in BiqQuery API

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