Welcome to issue #7, November 14 2016


Celebrating TensorFlow’s First Year - During first year it's already integrated into GCP as managed service via Cloud Machine Learning

Google Cloud Platform Tokyo region now open for business

Firebase Dev summit news - Among many new things, it's possible to do Firebase Analytics real-time export to BigQuery

Google: Cloud won't require customers to worry about infrastructure - that's what Urls Holzle, SVP of Technical Infrastructure says


Articles, Tutorials

Exploring your application’s latency profile using Stackdriver Trace - Stackdrive data regarding latency etc. is possible to view in Android App.

How to avoid a self-inflicted DDoS Attack - CRE life lessons - Good practical points of how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot when creating mobile apps which are connected to backend.

How to build and launch an ASP.NET Core app from Google Cloud Shell — without ever leaving the browser

How to do distributed processing of Landsat data in Python - Practical example how to do image analysis with Google Cloud Dataflow. code is available on Github

How Google Trends data will fuel #Electionland tomorrow -  USA have elections behind. You could follow real-time voting issues in the election's day via webapp which was hosted on Google App Engine - http://electionlandtrends.appspot.com/

From the Trenches: Zesty.io’s Google Cloud Migration - Going from Rackspace to Google Cloud Platform

779,236 Java Logging Statements, 1,313 GitHub Repositories: ERROR, WARN or FATAL? - Yet another Github repo analysis with BigQuery, this time focused on Java logging

GCP podcast - Discussion about implementing IoT Simon says game with gRPC


Videos, Slides

GOTO 2016 - Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform - by Kaz Sato, Developer Advocate on GCP

CBT Nuggets - Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals - 25 videos regarding GCP products

Scale a Swagger based Web API

Going Global with Nomad and Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Datastore Inside-Out


Problems, Questions

Kubernetes on GCE / Prevent pods undergoing an eviction with “The node was low on compute resources.”

Write to cloudsql in Google DataFlow

Connect to Google Cloud SQL from Container Engine with Java App

Self join in big query is running very slowly, am I following best practices?

Tables truncated when using bigquery api (buffer size issue?)

BigQuery SQL - a way to pass values from more than one row and more than one column to User Defined Function


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