Welcome to issue #5, October 31st 2016


Treat Google Cloud Storage like a file system with our new PowerShell provider GCP is catching up with support for Windows users. 

Decoding the micro-moments of baseball: can you hear the game through data? 

What’s new with Google Cloud Resource Manager, and other IAM news - Possibility to organize access by organization or project in Google Cloud Platform 

Channel API Turndown on Google App Engine - Channel API will be deprecated in October 31 2017. Recommended alternative is to use Firebase for realtime events on App Engine

XMPP API Turndown - Due to low adoption rate among developers Google (and other companies) are reducing support for XMPP. XMPP API for Google App Engine will be deprecated on October 31 2017

Actually here are all deprecations for Google App Engine (past and current)


Articles, Tutorials

Spotify Wants Google To Improve Cloud Platform After Going All-In On GCP

Top 10 Emojis in the 2nd and 3rd presidential debates through tweets - BigQuery analysis

Analyzing the Game of Baseball on GCP - If you are interested in Baseball and BigQuery, you should follow series of articles on this Medium account

GCP Podcast - New episode is about Windows and .NET support on GCP


Videos, Slides

VMworld 2016 USA DEVOP8971 Run a Hybrid Application Across VMware and Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud ML with Examples

Introduction to Google Vision and the Raspberry Pi Camera

[HBaseCon East 2016] Session 4: OpenTSDB with Google Cloud Bigtable

Mashing the data - Real Time replication from MySQL to Google Cloud Datastore

(Almost) Serverless Analytics System with BigQuery & AppEngine



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