Welcome to issue #4, October 24th 2016


this week there were interesting news and announcements:

Introducing Google Cloud Shell’s new code editor - now possible to create/edit/deploy files straight from Google Cloud Shell

Introducing Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Google Cloud Platform - it's now easier to deploy Pivotal Cloud Foundry and GCP

Google Stackdriver is now generally available for hybrid cloud monitoring, logging and diagnostics

Announcing new storage classes for Google Cloud Storage: simplifying the storage and management of hot and cold data - there is now fourth storing option - Coldline

Windows shops and .NET developers: Announcing enterprise support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 on Compute Engine

Automated Daily Backups for the Firebase Database

Google Cloud Platform Next event is announced for March 8-10, 2017 San Francisco



A Google SRE explores GitHub reliability with BigQuery - it seems that Github doesn't have SLA. so how reliable are they? Analyze commits via their public dataset and BigQuery

Viewing my Groovy source files in Stackdriver's debug view

The Presidential Baby (Name) Bump - Using BigQuery to investigate the effect of a US presidential election on baby names

15 Awesome things you probably didn’t know about Google BigQuery

Recommendation Systems with Spark on Google DataProc

Hands on with Google Cloud Platform, TensorFlow & BigQuery — early thoughts

Google Compute Engine Metadata Service - examples of how to use Metadata info on GCE

Playing with ConcourseCI via a Google Cloud Platform free trial - tutorial about how to set up ConcourseCI on GCP

Switching clouds: What Spotify learned when it swapped AWS for Google's cloud

Cloud Networking with Ines Envid - episode #48 of GCP podcast is about Cloud Networking

Google Cloud Storage Vs AWS S3 - example from reallife uploading to both storages

Test Google App Engine app.yaml skip-files regexes without deploying


Videos, Slides

Google Cloud Platform Essential Training - 57 videos of services overview on GCP

Google Cloud Platform Dataproc - Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulations

Yufeng Guo - Google Cloud Vision API - Code on the Beach 2016


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