Welcome to issue #3, October 17th, 2016


Introducing Google Customer Reliability Engineering - SRE (Site Reability Engineer) role comes to Google Cloud Platform

Transform your business; become a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer - possibility to sign up for Certified Exams, currently in beta. Other certifications include Cloud Architect, G Suite Administrator. More info here.

New undersea cable expands capacity for Google APAC customers and users - from LA to Hong Kong

Introducing Zaius, Google and Rackspace’s open server running IBM POWER9

Articles, Tutorials

Managing containerized ASP.NET Core apps with Kubernetes

Building Globally Distributed Services using Kubernetes Cluster Federation 

Cloud Abuse with Swati Kulshreshth and Emeka Okonkwo - new episode of GCP podcast

How We Built Chop - article that descibes getcho.io stack

Explore Census data - via Looker and Google BigQuery


Videos, Slides 

Building Web Applications with Go on Google Cloud - Google Developer Group NYC Meetup 10/06/16

Google Cloud Platform for Startups - Austin Tech Event

How to upload logs into BigQuery

Get more from Analytics 360 with BigQuery and the Google Cloud Platform

Managing gRPC APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints

Enabling Googley microservices with HTTP/2 and gRPC


Questions, Problems

gcloud App Engine does not include django; Intentional?

What audio file types does Google Cloud Speech API recognize?

Is it possible to use “Google Cloud Enpoints” for backend APIs that are not hosted on “Google Platform”?

How to ship logs from pods on Kubernetes running on top of GCP to elasticsearch/logstash?



GCP Next London Live Online 


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