Welcome to issue #21, February 20th 2017

Biggest news of the previous week was release of Spanner Database, thus over half of the content is related to that.



Introducing Cloud Spanner: a global database service for mission-critical applications - Quick overview of Spanner database, initialy created internaly for Google, now available for Google Cloud Platform users

Google Cloud Endpoints now generally available: a fast, scalable API gateway - Google Cloud Endpoints offers authorization, monitoring and logging for applications through out products in Google Cloud Platform. Now Generally available

Google Cloud and YouTube-8M Challenge: Predict YouTube video tags for a chance to win up to $30K - Challenge is to create algorithms that accurately assign video labels based on 450 000 hours of video 

Why Google's Spanner database won't do as well as it's clone - View from a bit different angle regarding release of Spanner. TLDR: Google should open sourced it / create opensourced solution similar like in the case of Borg and Kubernetes to be more successful.

Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform - New book on it's way about using Big Data tools / libraries on Google Cloud Platfom


Articles, Tutorials

Inside Cloud Spanner and the CAP Theorem - Explanation behind implementation strong consistency for Spanner

Spanner, TrueTime and the CAP Theorem - More in depth article about how Spanner handles CAP theorem

Quizlet Tests Cloud Spanner — The Most Sophisticated Cloud Database - Benchmarks of Spanner and MySQL

Spanner, the Google Database that mastered time, is now open to everyone - Wired article about Spanner

Guest post: Multi-Cloud continuous delivery using Spinnaker at Waze - Brief overview about how to handle deployment on multi clouds with Spinnaker

Problems with Deferred - App Engine SDK offers deferred functionality to create background jobs easier and quicker

9 Tips for Rendering in the Google Cloud

Google Firebase Hosting & Custom Domain


Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP podcast #61 - Improbable with Rob Whitehead. Improbable is company with goal to simulate real world


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