Welcome to issue #20, February 13th 2017


Evernote migrated services and data to Google Cloud Platform - in 70!!! days 200 million users accounts and 5 billion user notes, 3 petabytes of data.

Google is EU compliant - Google Cloud complies to EU Data Protective Directive 95/46/EC (in case you don't know, it's related to data transfer from EU to the rest of the world)

Avanto, Google's complete OTT video platform, now on Google Cloud Platform - After being acquired by Google last year, Avanto moved it's services to Google Cloud Platform


Articles, Tutorials

An Annotated History of Google’s Cloud Platform - If you feel nostalgic or if you are new user, read important milestones related to Google Cloud Platform

What are the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services? - Brief description of Google Cloud Platform products and services

Google Cloud Platform products - Described in 4 word or less

Fuzzing PCI express: security in plaintext - Google is preparing to launch GPUs on Google Cloud Platform and solving specific security problems

Exploring the Nuances of PCI and PCIe - GPU security issues from Engineer's perspective

The book for getting hands-on with machine learning, deep learning and TensorFlow  - Still in writing progress but available free as preview

VPN between two clouds - Setting VPN between AWS and GCP

Using single Docker repository with multiple GKE projects - Describes how to set up project presmissions

Updated codelabs for Windows and .NET

Using Machine Learning to predict parking difficulty

Deploy a Ratpack app on Google App Engine Flex


Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP podcast #60 - This time chat about Fission, Serverless Functions as a Service for Kubernetes

Google Cloud Datastore Inside-Out 

Google Cloud and Data Pipeline Patterns

Crowning the rat capital of New York: Importing data for analysis with Google BigQuery


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