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Powering geospatial analysis: public geo datasets now on Google Cloud - 1.3PB and 0.43PB satellite images available in Google Cloud Storage

How to use Docker to run ASP.NET Core apps on Google App Engine - Tutorial of how to deploy ASP.NET applications on GEA Flexible via Docker 

How to authenticate users on Google App Engine using Firebase

Articles, Tutorials

A Survival Guide for Containerizing your Infrastructure — Part 1: Why switch? - story about cutting server costs by 75% and greatly simplified Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) by switching from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — in only 7 days.

A day in the life of a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform - Guillaume Laforge was honest about how he spends his day as Developer Advocate for GCP

Partner Ecosystem for Data and Analytics - Overview of third party solutions/products which works together with GCP products for data analysis, ETL 

Borg and Kubernetes with John Wilkes - Learn more about history of Borg and Kubernetes in this episode of podcast 

Tuning NGINX behind Google Cloud Platform HTTP(S) Load Balancer - Tips of how to solve various problems for NGINX and Google Cloud Load Balancer

How To Install WordPress On Google Cloud - Step by step tutorial how to launch Wordpress website via Cloud Launcher

Machine Learning and the VP Debate - Analyse & display Tweets sentiment via Cloud Natural Language API, BigQuery and Exploratory


Google Cloud Platform by Koen Maes - JOIN 2016 - General overview of Google Cloud Platform + Kubernetes demo

CCS Talk: Google Cloud Platform (part1)  - General overview of Google Cloud Platform, Q&A

CCS Talk: Google Cloud Platform (part2)

CCS Talk: Google Cloud Platform (part3)


Building Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform - Demo of deployment Node.js application on GCP (Google App Engine, Container Engine...)

Trivadis TechEvent 2016 Java for enterprises in the Google cloud by Thomas Bröll

OW2con'16 Keynote address: Kubernetes, the rising tide of systems administration - Kubernetes, the rising tide of systems administration Containers and cloud have moved from "why" to "how and when?" Learn how Google is helping the world go Cloud Native

Introduction to kubernetes

Deploying Docker to Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes - Launch a simple Python web service with Docker and Kubernetes on Google Container Engine.

Questions, Discussion

How to query a column named “OR” in BigQuery?

Google Big Query - how to search for rows containing specific words then return count of each word?

Google Compute Engine VM instance access permission

How do I set a default cache-control for for new images uploaded to buckets on google storage

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