Welcome to issue #19, February 6th 2017


Snapchat will pay Google 2 billion dollars over 5 year for Google Cloud Platform - Biggest news of the last week was Snapchat IPO documents and there described commitment to Google Cloud Platform (worth 2 billion $$$)

Making Google Data Studio Free for Everyone - Google's solutions for creating dashboards and reports - Data Studio removed 5 reports limit


Articles, Tutorials

Delivering a better platform for your SQL Server Enterprise workloads - Even easier deployment of MS SQL Enterprise Server on GCP and more

SLOs, SLIs, SLAs, oh my - CRE life lessons - SL stands for Service Level... last character in every abbreviation? O - Objective, I - Indicator, A - Agreement

Four seasons in one post: using Google BigQuery to explore weather effects on NYC - another article (and video) describing playing with NY open data with BigQuery

Understanding cost-versus-speed tradeoffs in Google Cloud Dataflow batch pipelines - tuning number of workers in Dataflow

Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters - setup Kubernetes cluster on GCE distributed among three zones of a region

Measuring Karma Inflation on HackerNews (with BigQuery)

So you’re going to take the GCP Cloud Architect’s certification - Personal experience of taking GCP Cloud Architect certification test

#59 GCP podcast - Another episode devoted to SRE


Slides, Videos

Scaling Galaxy for Bioinformatics on Google Cloud Platform

How to install Cpanel with Google Cloud

Serverless Data Architecture at scale on Google Cloud Platform


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