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Expanding our IDE support with a new Eclipse plugin for App Engine - New restart of support of GCP in Eclipse

Centrally manage all your Google Cloud resources with Cloud Resource Manager - Easier managing projects and billing for organizations which are using G suite with Cloud Resource Manager

Book: Site Reliability Engineering - Last year this book was released and now it's possible to read it online for free


Articles, Tutorials

Available . . . or not? That is the question - CRE life lessons - Article explains different way how to measure and interpret availability 

Build AWS S3 compatible cloud storage on GCP with Minio and Kubernetes - Minio is storage server that can be used instead of Cloud Storage. In this article is describe deployment with Kubernetes

How to run a terabyte of Google BigQuery queries each month without a credit card - Description of first few steps you need in order to start using BigQuery

Scaling exactEarth’s satellite vessel-tracking service using GeoMesa on Google Cloud Platform - Storing vessels positions into BigTable, analyze with Dataproc in real time. 

Infrastructure as Code on Google Cloud Platform: Load Balancers - Step by step description of deployment template which is used by Deployment Manager

#58 GCP Podcast - Java on GCP 

7 ways we harden our KVM hypervisor at Google Cloud: Security in plaintext


Slides, Videos

Webinar: Serverless data warehousing: scaling to a petabyte

Solving enterprise challenges through scale out storage & big compute

Machine Intelligence at Google Scale: ML APIs, TensorFlow and CloudML

Scaling Galaxy on Google Cloud Platform


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