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Google Cloud Audit Logging now available across the GCP stack - Even more tracking what user are doing in GCP project. There is also description how to create alert when certain event happens

Google reveals its servers all contain custom security silicon - Last week Google published paper regarding security of it's technical infrastructure, this article writes about most interesting features

Schedule for Google Cloud Next 2017 is published - 200 sessions in this years biggest GCP conference

SevOne Integrates Its Analytics with Google Cloud


Articles, Tutorials

Learn real-time processing with a new public data stream and Google Cloud Dataflow codelab

Learn TensorFlow and deep learning, without a Ph.D. - 1 or 3 hours video of presentation with slides 

Fighting Ignorance with Data - Reto Meier, Developer Advocate writes about plan to do every week data exploration using BigQuery (check next link)

New York City public datasets now available on Google BigQuery - Another source of data sets that can be analyzed with BigQuery comes from New York City.

Solution guide: creating self-service IT environments with CloudBolt - Step by step tutorial how to setup CloudBolt VM with which it's possible to manage environments

Airflow for Google Cloud: Part 1 — BigQuery - Apache Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows

Google App Engine redirection from naked domain to www - short tutorial how to implement redirection from naked domain to subdomain.

#57 GCP Podcast - Chat about Pokemon Go


Series of articles about GCP with focus on .NET and #C

Why Organizations should choose GCP – A Business Perspective

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Overview

C# Support for the Google Cloud Platform

Authenticating Your C# Application for the Google Cloud Platform – Part 1

Authenticating Your C# Application for the Google Cloud Platform – Part 2


Slides, Videos

Exploring GitHub with BigQuery at GitHub


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