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Apache Beam graduates from incubation: Try it today on Google Cloud Dataflow - Congratulations to Apache Beam (aka Google Cloud Dataflow) on graduating  and becoming Top-Level Project


Articles, Tutorials

Partnering on open source: Google and Pivotal engineers talk Cloud Foundry on GCP - Video and GitHub tutorial about how to deploy Pivotal BOSH to GCP

Managing encryption keys in the cloud: introducing Google Cloud Key Management Service - Service to Manage symmetric encryption keys

How we secure our infrastructure: a white paper - In article is link to in depth paper where all aspects of security in Google (and GCP) Infrastructure are described

Continuous Deployment to Google Cloud Platform with Drone - Read experience of New York Times developers deploying on Google Container Engine and Google App Engine with Drone - open source continuous integration tool

Explore Stackdriver Monitoring data with Cloud Datalab - Tutorial about how to analyse data from Stackdriver with Jupyter (IPython) on Google Cloud Datalab

Codelab: running OpenCV on Google Cloud Dataproc using Apache Spark - Comparison - Codelab about how to run - Step by step example of how to run Scala program on Dataproc (managed Hadoop & Spark) to detect faces in images with OpenCV

Finding the sentiment-analysis signal in the noise with Google Cloud Dataflow - Description of how Google Cloud Dataflow (Apache Beam) can be used to do sentiment analysis over 65 million reviews

Continuous Delivery in a microservice infrastructure with Google Container Engine, Docker and Travis

ASP.NET sessions on Google Cloud Platform - Exploring different possibilities of how to store sessions in GCP 

Authenticating Google Cloud Ruby Gems - Description of different scenarios of how to use authentication in Ruby & GCP

Deploying WebSockets cluster to GCP with Let’s Encrypt certificates

Creating a real-time forecasting dashboard with Google Tag Manager, Google Cloud and R Shiny - Solution which streams data from Google Tag Manager via Google App Engine to BigQuery

Getting the most out of Tableau and Google BigQuery Enterprise - Introductory article for Tableau Webinar 

Analyzing AWS Detailed Billing Reports Using BigQuery and ReDash


Slides, Videos

Self Deploying Go Applications - Demonstration (on GCP) how self-contained Go binaries allow us to treat the world as one massive global-scale computer.

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